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Turning Beats into Hits: A Selector’s Guide to Success

The Burna Boy experience, gaining respect in the music industry and their desire to gain world dominance. Established producers, DJ Mac & World Baba in an interview with Kaboom Magazine

Dj Mac, Skillful talent (Rickayla Mcneil)

Musical Production has played a vital part in Jamaica’s culture today. Known to be the recipe for incredible parties worldwide, production has paved the way for many to put their skills to use and earn a profit. It is without a doubt that this generation has brought forth a new wave of creativity to the music industry. Declaring recent years a "new era", we are introduced to skillful legends in the making. Meeting DJ Mac alongside partner and fellow MC, World Baba, both of whom are respected, established deejays in Jamaica’s music industry.

"It is a new era in the music industry as music evolves every day", they said while speaking with Kaboom Magazine. "Back then, there was Bounty Killa and Beenie Man but now we see the likes of artistes such as Skeng, Valiant, or Jahshii who are young artists dominating the industry", they further added. Although it is a new era in the music industry, it is undeniable that the same can be said for the selecta industry as well. With consistency and unforgettable experiences; more DJs are beginning to explore their skills and talents.

World Baba, A promising young gun (Rickayla Mcneil, Kaboom Media)

"There are many Dj’s getting recognized in the music industry, they all have the talent but just need the push", both added. "We try to help in showcasing their talents, we believe people should be paid for what they’re good at as a selecta and more DJs are realizing that" , they continued.

Known for working alongside the likes of artists such as; Skillibeng, Valiant, Squash, Chronic Law, Rytikal and Jahshii - it is understandable that as producers opportunities arise daily. Just recently the pair was a part of the 2022 lineup for the "Love Damini" concert which was headlined by African sensation Burna Boy.

Knowing that this experience would excel them to different levels in their career, the pair went on to give brief detailing of their experience on the big stage. "Definitely a great experience, it was the final moment in which we felt like we really made it", they went on to explain. "Although we were really nervous, we just ensured to push on and still get the job done", they added.

Mac at the Burna Boy concert, a great experience (Adyimon Walker, Kaboom Media)

"Student by day, selecta by night" Whilst speaking exclusively with DJ Mac, he further expounded on the start of Mac Productions and his inspiration to produce music. "Student by day, selecta by night", the former Jamaica College student explained. "Making beats alongside my close friend, we just believed we could do it. I then with the help of my recognition from artists such as Squash, was able to gain in-person experiences in the studio learning the skills hands-on", he further added.

Gaining high recognition for the successful production of Valiant’s single 'Speed Off' and Chronic Law’s 'Empty', Mac thanks the success for catapulting his career and changing his life. "It is a great feeling getting respect from older artists, it makes the workload easier as the goal is to expand our brand so that our entire team can reap the benefits", he stated.

Claiming recent times as a season for trap music, the young selecta dived deeply into his desire for artists to evolve from trap music. "I'm a bit disappointed because it can be more than what it is. It’s the job of the new wave to carry the mantle and do better", he explained. "As producers we can only suggest so many ideas, but the artist has to be willing to embrace change”, he added.

As the pair continues to dominate the DJ's world, the duo desires to gain world dominance in the music production industry. With hopes to travel to different countries and expand their musical portfolio, it is safe to say that these producers are on a steady journey to being the new faces for the future of music.

From Kest to right: Mac & Baba, a new era of selectors (Kyro Smoke, Rickayla Mcneil)


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