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  • Akeeile Harris

Dexta Daps, 450, Pablo YG & 6 More: The Weekly Roundup

Dexta impresses with a stellar album, 450 establishes a high standard, while Alkaline, Pablo, Bugle, and Bayka also delivered. Who else makes the list?

L-R: Pablo YG, Dexta Daps, Alkaline, Bayka

As we step into 2024, the tempo rises. Dexta presents an exceptional album featuring captivating collaborations. Bayka, 450, Pablo YG, and Alkaline showcase their peak form, leaving us eager to provide a brief overview of those who have truly captivated our ears.

Dexta Daps Ft. Masicka – ‘Ok’

Dancehall stars Dexta Daps and Masicka, join forces once again in a single that carries a profound message for the youth in the ghetto. The lyrics are profound, the verses precise, all harmonizing with a beat that unfolds like a powerful explosion.

Pablo YG - 'Radar'

Pablo YG's undeniable talent can no longer stay hidden. Surging onto the radar, he embarks on a successful journey, boldly expressing it through a new single that unequivocally underscores his lyrical mastery and captivating flow once again.

450 - 'What If'

450 remains steadfast in his ascent as one of dancehall's emerging stars, showcasing consistency in his journey. His latest single showcases his impressive melodic prowess as he reflects on themes of loyalty in a love story. It brings to mind one of his breakout singles, 'Ipmerfrection'.

Alkaline - 'Nuh Rival'

Alkaline kicks off 2024 with an impressive start, delivering a powerful single that highlights his extraordinary lyrical talent. His ability to effortlessly synchronize his lyrical prowess with the beat creates a captivating listening experience. This latest drop unequivocally declares that Alkaline has returned to the top of his game.

Bugle, Chaps - 'Heart Too Clean'

Bugle collaborates with Chaps for a compelling single delivering a profound message without any trace of resentment. The music is clean, uplifting, and positive, intended to convey an encouraging message to listeners. This is the essence of purity when the heart is clean.

Bayka – ‘More & More’

Encouraging the ladies to join in for more rounds, emerging sensation Bayka puts his stamp on Rvssian's 'Dutty Money,' showcasing once again his powerful and energetic vocals in a song poised to become a hit.

Moyann - 'Pink & Pretty'

Moyann is another dynamic addition to the sizzling and trendy of 'Dutty Money.' Embracing both seduction and provocative aspects, this dancehall diva unequivocally asserts herself through a captivating video. In it, she articulates her expectations from the men in her life and confidently declares that anyone who associates with her will inevitably return for more.

Deep Jahi – ‘Riches’

Consistently delivering quality music, Deep Jahi doesn't disappoint. In his latest single, produced by DJ Mac, Steeno, and Tepa Music, his impeccable flow and clever wordplay take center stage once again. Through the song, he eloquently communicates a message that reflects the lifestyle he now takes pride in.

Ai Milly – ‘Mi Amor’

In his latest single, Ai Milly showcases his mesmerizing flow, delving into his capacity and eagerness to deepen his love for his significant other. Infusing elements of both dancehall and trap, Milly delivers a track that swiftly ascends the YouTube trending chart.


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