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Devin Di Dakta Invites Denyque to "Think Like A Man" in Dynamic Remix Collaboration

Two Jamaican artists join forces to revamp a chart-topping hit, infusing it with fresh energy and creativity

Devin Di Dakta & Denyque, unite to rejuvenate a hit song

Jamaican R&B-dancehall singer Denyque maintains her productive streak in 2024, joining forces with Devin Di Dakta for a remix of his 2016 hit "Think Like A Man." the song was released officially on Friday, February 16th, distributed by Symphonic.

Both artists had long harbored a desire to collaborate, but the opportunity arose unexpectedly when British Linkz and Great X Productions reached out to Denyque's PR representative, Lesley Hayles. Upon learning of Denyque's interest in working with Devin, they orchestrated the collaboration. Alongside Lesley and Denyque's producer, Levels LVL, the artists and producers joined forces to kickstart the project.

The original track was featured among 9 others on the Riddim World Tour, produced by UK Linkz and Great X Productions.

Despite Devin's portion being already completed, Denyque remained receptive to his input, fostering a collaborative spirit throughout the process. Their synergy resulted in a remix of "Think Like A Man" that feels refreshingly distinct. All parties involved are delighted with the outcome and eagerly await its release.

Denyque recently unveiled her latest project, 5-track EP titled 'Ready', which seamlessly blends elements of R&B with dancehall and pop influences


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