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Denyque Unveils New 5-Track EP "Ready" Blending Dancehall and R&B Vibes

The dancehall songstress has released her latest EP, targeting lovers with a bad side: "I poured A lot of me into this project"

Denyque, "I poured A lot of me into this project"

Dancehall songstress Denyque has released her latest EP, "Ready," through Levels to Life Productions and her own label, Denym Ent.

Inspired by her previous release, "Between Me and You," the EP features Denyque's silky vocals infused with dancehall and R&B influences. The singles are crafted for those in love but with a hint of mischief, catering to both "Lover girls wid a side a badness (& loverboys too)," as Denyque puts it.

"'Release Everything And Do You [READY]' is the powerful mantra behind this EP. The definition means 'in a suitable state for an action or situation,' " described Denyque.

The EP includes tracks such as 'Ease My Mind,' 'Red,' 'Make A Wish,' and 'Long Way Down,' produced by That Boss Evan, Lee Milla Productions & Emudio Record. Denyque, along with her team of producers, played a significant role in bringing this compilation to life. She expressed, "I poured A lot of me into this project, and now that I get to share it with the world, the feeling is absolutely surreal."

The accomplished female singer, known for hits like "Make Me Believe You," 'Proud Wifey,' 'Champion,' 'Watch Him Tone,' and the 2020 hit 'Same Guy' with Shaneil Muir, as well as 'Knees' featuring Rytikal, produced by Good Good Productions, continues to make waves with her latest musical endeavor.


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