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  • Akeeile Harris

Dancehall Star Kranium Breaking Barriers and Earning Seven Plaques in The Past 10 Years

'Melody Gad' earned a remarkable achievement for his massive hits, including 'Nobody Has To Know,' 'Gal Policy,' and 'Can't Believe,' in the US, UK, and Canada

The 'Melody Gad' Kranium (Photo: Tejano Taylor)

Renowned dancehall sensation Kranium has achieved international recognition and transcended boundaries, producing chart-topping hits while residing overseas. With an impressive track record that includes seven plaques earned in the past decade, Kranium has firmly solidified his position as a dominant figure in the dancehall genre.

Kranium's breakthrough single, 'Nobody Has to Know,' stands out for its immense success in the US, where it attained gold certification. This remarkable accomplishment underscores Kranium's exceptional ability to engage audiences worldwide and resonate with music enthusiasts. Furthermore, Kranium has received three silver certifications in the United Kingdom for his hits 'Nobody Has to Know,' 'We Can,' and 'Gal Policy,' cementing his influence in the British music scene.

Not limited to the American and British music markets, Kranium has left a significant mark in Canada as well. His single 'Nobody Has to Know' achieved Platinum certification in Canada, a testament to its widespread popularity and universal appeal. Additionally, Kranium's magnetic talent has earned him two gold certifications in Canada for his hits 'We Can' and 'Can't Believe,' further strengthening his position as a global dancehall sensation.

Kranium's ability to transcend borders and create infectious dancehall hits speaks volumes about his unmatched talent and unwavering commitment to his craft. His distinctive sound and seamless blending of captivating melodies with infectious beats have struck a chord with fans worldwide.

In acknowledgment of his achievements and substantial contributions to the dancehall genre, Kranium continues to break down barriers, setting the stage for aspiring artists to pursue their dreams on an international scale.


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