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Aidonia and his wife Kimberly Megan are expecting a baby boy

The dancehall deejay and his wife just revealed their new baby's gender at the baby shower party

Congratulations to Aidonia & Kimberly (Photo Credit: Copper Cyclone)

Dancehall star Aidonia and his wife Kimberly Megan are expecting a baby boy, after losing their first child in December last year. The couple held their baby shower on Sunday, where they revealed their baby's gender.

Surrounded by love ones, the couple received lots of joy and love accompanied by confetti when they revealed the gender of the newborn. They were also spotted wearing badges in memory of their late son, King Khalif. The pair lost their 9-year-old son, King Khalif Lawrence, who has been battling cancer since 2019.

After announcing that they were expecting a child during Aidonia's performance at the Chris Brown concert at BZR Weekend. the love story of Aidonia and his wife Kim is a heartwarming and admirable one, which gives hope to many.

The iconic dancehall artiste is approaching 20 years of sustainability in his contribution to the genre and despite his tragic loss when he was working on his new project under the title of 'Occupied Mind', which is expected to include some of his previous releases including 'Faith', 'We Doh Regula', 'Frsh Drop' and more to be announced. The project is produced by his own label Banga House Music.

The 42-years-old deejay has also returned to the stages of the USA as part of the 'Frsh Drop Tour' and was included in the star-studded lineup of the crowd's favorite event, I Love Soca Cooler Festival, which will be held on September 30 at Sabina Park in Kingston Jamaica.

Aidonia, during the Chris Brown's concert (Photo: Jamar Cleary)


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