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  • Akeeile Harris

Mavado Made Spectacular Return to Paris After 11 Years

The dancehall icon enjoyed a grand comeback in the French capital and has set his sights on a return in 2024.He is also planning performances in the UK

Spectacular return to France (Photo: Dj Peepz)

Dancehall legend Mavado staged a spectacular comeback on the French stage in Paris last night, marking his return after an 11-year absence.

Mavado, also known as the Gully Gad, had been fueling excitement for his Paris comeback through his social media updates in the days leading up to the performance. Notably, the popular French rapper Kalash, a close friend of his, lent his support.

This event signifies a momentous return for Mavado to the European dancehall scene, given that his previous Paris appearance dates back to 2012. Although this show was a one-time event, sources told Kaboom Magazine that the iconic dancehall artist has intentions to revisit France in March 2024 and is also contemplating a return to the UK in the near future.

Mavado, who has primarily been based in the USA in recent years, was notably absent from the European stage. However, it is clear that he is making a highly anticipated comeback to the European music scene.


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