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  • Akeeile Harris

Dancehall Producer EP Set to Finalize 'Tax Return' Riddim with Two Additional Singles

Armanii's 'Ready' and single by the emerging talent Artical complete the compilation: "Stay tuned for more in the coming months"

Armanii, set to drop his own piece on the riddim (Photo: Rickayla Mcneil)

Dancehall producer EP (Extended Play Records) is set to release his first Juggling project of the year titled 'Tax Return Riddim.' Launched last year with Roze Don's 'Budobi' and Kyodi's 'Change Di Ting' is now set to be completed with two additional tracks from rising dancehall artist Armanii and also Artical. The completion of this compilation which is set to release officially on February 9, underscores EP's versatility and marks him as a rising producer in the scene.

Armanii, who had an impressive year in 2023, brings his distinctive style to the table with "Ready." Meanwhile, Artical, a promising talent from Portmore and a close friend of EP, is poised to infuse the compilation with his fresh perspective. Together, they enrich the diversity of the project with their unique artistic expressions. EP praised Artical, saying, "I'm introducing my artist also on it, Artical. He is an artist from Portmore, where I’m from, and I've been working with him for a while now."

Known for projects like Chronic Law's 'War Cycle,' the producer (Born Wayne Campbell) has additional riddims in the works. "I'm gearing up to release a new riddim titled 'Sleepless Nights' in January, featuring artists such as Malie Donn, Jahshii, Topmann, and the exceptional Chronic Law. Keep an eye out for that one," he enthusiastically announced.

Featuring a compelling lineup of four tracks and a blend of both established and emerging artists, Extended Play, the producer, is set to make a mark as a rising force in the dancehall scene this year. "Stay tuned for more to come this year," he affirmed, promising a prolific musical journey ahead.


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