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  • Akeeile Harris

Chronic Law, Jahvillani, Skippa, and More: Singles Taking the Lead This Week

Chronic Law and Jahshii's melodic blend, Skippa's hater message, Moyann's sultry single spotlight - the weekly report

L-R: Skippa, Jahvillani, Chronic Law, Moyann (Photo: Rickayla Mcneil, Jamar Cleary)

Over the Thanksgiving weekend, there was a scarcity of new music releases, but we've curated the finest selections for you. Here we go again.

Chronic Law – 'Drive Thru' In a seamless fusion of Badness and Vibes, Law Boss delivers another single set to resonate through the streets of Jamaica. Blending his distinctive flow and lyrics, he once more showcases his substance, igniting a buzz in the process.

Daddy 1 – 'Drive Thru' According to Daddy 1, the 'Transaction' is complete. With money in the mix, the girls also make an appearance. The talented artist from Mobay switches up his usual flow in a new single, skillfully riding the beat with a slight variation in his delivery.

Moyann Ft. Malie – 'Million' Having previously collaborated with Teejay and Jahshii, dancehall diva Moyann is once again treating her audience to a sultry partnership, this time joining forces with Mali's magnetic flow for a seductive single. The duo boasts about exchanging versions, conveying a sensual message that adds a captivating allure to their music.

Jahshii – 'Hush Puppy' Unfazed by the dangers surrounding him, Jahshii remains unafraid, relying on the protection of God. In a new video, the rising deejay shares his life story, proudly displaying a life of luxury and reintroducing the distinctive tunes that define his style.

Jahvillani – 'Gallery Dept' Jahvillani asserts that the shirts he dons serve as a gallery dept. His latest single is marked by his signature lyrical flow, captivating women, and once again winning over his fans.

Skippa – 'Falling' Dancehall newcomer Skippa takes a self-deprecating turn in his latest single, offering the industry another reason to hate his success this year. The track navigates his journey from hell to the spotlight of prime time.

Tatik - 'Ambition'

Dancehall artiste Tatik has released the music video for his newest single, 'Ambition,' featured in the 'Powaful' EP. Teaming up with Shynal Music, Skyviews Entertainment, and Malik Muzick for production, the visually captivating video was skillfully filmed by the talented Kreative Klique team. Fueled by an unwavering ambition, Tatik adeptly presents the melodic lyrics, underscoring the overarching theme of the track.

Jay-A, Jahshii – 'Bad For Real' Emerging artist Jay-A teams up with Jahshii for a compelling new single that delivers a powerful message. Trading verses, they assertively declare their presence, leaving no room for doubt about who truly embodies the spirit of 'Bad For Real.'


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