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Chris Malachi makes appearance on the Reasoning Jamaica Podcast

The underground artiste talks about his desire for a significant career, performances alongside Tarrus Riley & Mortimer and advice from Jaz Elise: "It makes everything more worthwhile"

Chris Malachi, Working hard to gain recognition (Jamar Cleary)

Underground artiste Chris Malachi is on mission to impact people with his powerful lyrics and soulful voice. Malachi made a guest appearance on the latest episode of the 'Reasoning Jamaica' podcast, sharing his story.

Malachi has the desire to develop a significant musical career which is evident in the way he balances regular work with music; "I work 12 hours a day," he explained.

He shared that artistes such as Royal Blu and Jaz Elise are his mentors. "If you are an artiste and you have those people that you can share your experience with, looks for advice or give them advice, it makes the journey so much worthwhile", the singer said.

The talented artiste dreams of breaking through the ranks and talked about his single, 'Graveyard' which gained him attention in the underground scene, the importance of being surrounded by a team and his performances alongside reggae artists such as Mortimer and Tarrus Riley.

The Reasoning Jamaica podcast in collaboration with Kaboom Magazine hosts aspiring and leading artistes, as well as public figures in the Jamaican music industry.


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