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  • Akeeile Harris

Chi Ching and Castral Ride the 'Street Vibez' Riddim as Brand Ambassadors for 'Up Leef'

With Aidonia and Chronic Law also highlighting 'Up Leef' hot grabba brand in their viral hits, the Deejay collaborates with his protege and sets the stage for Castral's debut project

Chi Ching Ching mentors Castral for debut Album 'Think Out Loud'

Dancehall entertainer Chi Ching Ching, accompanied by his protege Castral, is leveraging the widespread popularity of the viral "Street Vibez" riddim to promote the products of 'Up Leef' hot Grabba. which he serves as a brand ambassador. This initiative includes a single of the same name, featured in Notnice's project.

As Aidonia sings on the viral hit single 'Bottles', "Jayds give me weed, Up Leef hot grabba," both artists promote the hot grabba brands well. "The riddim beat is so catchy, so our strategy was our approach," explained the deejay. "Both Aidonia and Chronic Law highlighted the 'Up Leef' brand in their songs. We recognized the potential of this infectious beat, and it definitely speaks for itself."

For the past two years, Ching has taken Castral (real name Andrade Mclymont) under his wing, promising that we'll be hearing more from his protégé. "He's been diligently working on an album titled 'Think Out Loud,' set for release later this year," Ching revealed.

In collaboration with his label, Amere Entertainment, and a diverse array of local and international producers who refine the singles for the emerging artist's debut project.

Ching takes an active role in overseeing and releasing his music. With upcoming performances scheduled in Canada, anticipation is high for the release of a single featuring fellow dancehall star Busy Signal titled 'Feel Good', produced by Raid waters, Ching's label Amere ent & DJ Smo from Jugglerz in Germany.


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