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Brother of dancehall artiste Jahshii was shot and killed in fatal shooting incident

A man was shot and killed in an early morning attack in the community of Grants Pen. According to several reports, he’s allegedly the brother of the dancehall artiste

Jahshii performed in Kingston earlier this year (Photo: Tejano Taylor)

A man named David Clarke was shot and killed in an attack this morning in the community of Grants Pen, Kingston, Jamaica, and has been identified as the brother of dancehall artiste Jahshii whose real name is Mluleki Clarke

According to reports, the person was in his home when a group of unknown gunmen fired several shots that caused the fatal outcome. the police were called to the area just to find his body. another man was shot and injured during the incident.

The incident appears to address recent rumors about the deejay’s alleged involvement in the murder of a man called 'Romie' in the Grants Pen community in St. Andrew last June.

Law enforcement agents requested the artiste turn himself in for questing following an alleged altercation with his mother and another member of his home community, Grants Pen, which led to the person’s death.


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