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Lava Ground: DJ Lava's Rise To Fame

How did he turn the Covid -19 era into a profit, close relationship with Vybz Kartel, his appearance in the "Slow Motion" video, and more. A Glimpse into the world of a Successful DJ

Dj Lava "people even expressed that I saved their lives"

The 2020s began as a difficult time for everyone worldwide. Whether students, parents, entrepreneurs, or business class, it is safe to say that COVID - 19 in more ways than others heavily affected us all. Despite its negative impact physically, mentally and emotionally; people were still able to appreciate its benefits as they were able to learn and master new and existing skills. Rising to the occasion, we are introduced to 42-year-old Dwayne Beswick better known as "Dj Lava" who shared his secret formula to success in an interview with Kaboom Magazine.

Dj Lava briefly explained his come up within the covid era and how he started creating dubs. "Honestly music was birthed with me, I grew up in it", he confidently expressed. "It was never easy, I had a lot of obstacles and took a lot of disrespect. I believed in myself nevertheless and I continued to practice, music takes care of me, it does everything for me", he continued.

Despite Covid - 19 and the depression it brought to many, the Kingston native still managed to maintain the connection he has with his fans through weekly live Instagram podcasts known as "Chat & Laughs". Starting in 2020, Chat & Laughs has gained over 23,000 Instagram viewers including segments that featured Nicki Minaj, Spice & Shenseea, and many more international artistes.

"In Covid, most people really went through a hard time, especially grieving", the deejay remarked. "Chat & Laughs helped me at that time because with covid going the internet became a popular means of income. My program really helped a lot of people at that time, people even expressed that I saved their lives", he passionately added. Just recently the program also celebrated its 3rd year anniversary of spreading smiles worldwide.

Trying to carry on the dancehall legacy

Known for his incredible dubs with incarcerated world boss more popularly as Vybz Kartel, the August Town protege broke down his relationship with the artist along with the recognition he has gained since working with him. "Working with him has definitely gained me notice and acknowledgment", he replied. "We all know he’s the greatest so to even have dubs with him I have to give God thanks. People hear the beat and it's almost an eye opener to them, they can't believe it's really me and sometimes neither can I", he jokingly commented.

Proud of his experiences, Dwanye went on to share his view on the Dancehall industry and its need for growth. "Honestly, the music industry needs to be focused", he remarked. "Dancehall has been a legacy carried for generations before us. It should constantly evolve and now it feels stagnant", he expressed with deep concern. "The lack of consistency has really dampened the quality of dancehall", the deejay passionately added.

Expanding his brand into the international regions of Bronx, New York, Dj Lava expressed his desire for more room in the dancehall industry abroad. "There are so many opportunities for Jamaican artists to be bigger than they are", Beswick commented. "Hot 97 is the biggest hip hop station in the Tri-state area and we only hear remixes. It really showed me that no matter the artist, without consistency your music will only expand so far", he continued.

Just recently the talented deejay was also featured in Bounty Killer’s short film and music video "Slow Motion" featuring Dexta Daps, Baby Cham and appearances from artistes such as Jada Kingdom. Grateful and appreciative for his experience, Lava Sound went on to thank Dave Kelly for the experience. "It was a wonderful and great experience to be a part of. I have to thank Dave Kelly, Bounty Killer, Dexta Daps and the Madhouse Family", he humbly expressed. "Just knowing that they heard my craft, liked it and specifically requested my presence means everything to me", he gratefully added.

"Just knowing that they heard my craft, liked it and specifically requested my presence means everything to me"

With hopes and dreams for his program to be awarded by his home country Jamaica, Dj Lava continues to display that Chat & Laughs are more than just chat and laughs. Yearly Lava, alongside his team, spends time giving back to the community. "We are more than just gimmicks and we should be respected as such”, he firmly remarked. “We provide groceries for those in need, give away tablets to students who are less fortunate and cover the medical expenses of persons who are ill. We want the world to see who we are and we hope to cover more of that this year", he concluded.

alongside Cham and Bounty Killer


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