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Bob Marley Claims 9th Spot on Forbes' list of high-earning deceased icons

Over four decades since Bob Marley's passing, his music remains in exceptionally high demand, placing him among the top-earning deceased celebrities for 2023

The legacy still lives on

The renowned magazine Forbes has compiled a list of deceased musicians and writers who continue to generate income, demonstrating that their artistic legacies live on. The 13 individuals featured in Forbes' annual ranking of the highest-earning deceased celebrities collectively amassed approximately $470 million in the past year, marking a 70% decrease from the record-breaking $1.6 billion in 2022.

One remarkable inclusion on this list is the reggae icon Bob Marley, who died over four decades ago. Despite his demise, Marley remains the sole representative from the reggae genre among these money-making artists, showcasing the enduring appeal of his music and brand. Forbes notes that his music remains highly sought after, as do the rights to his name and likeness, which can be found on a variety of products, including headphones, speakers, sneakers, and even cannabis.

Marley's children, including Ziggy, Stephen, Damian, and Cedella, along with others, are dedicated to safeguarding and carrying forward the family's heritage through their individual endeavors.

They have launched the House Of Marley brand, renowned for its luxury headphones and speakers, with Rohan Marley at the helm of the venture. Additionally, they've ventured into the world of sports shoes and notably inaugurated the first Marley-branded pharmacy in Jamaica earlier this year. Moreover, a biographical film titled "Bob Marley: One Love," starring Kingsley Ben Adir, is scheduled for release on the big screen in February 2024.

Bob Marley claims the 9th position on the list, reporting earnings of $16 million, according to Forbes. Topping the chart is the late king of pop, Michael Jackson, boasting an impressive annual revenue of $115 million for his brand, closely followed by Elvis Presley, who amassed $100 million. This prestigious list also includes legendary musicians such as Prince, Whitney Houston, and the iconic Beatles singer, John Lennon, along with his bandmate, George Harrison, further highlighting the enduring impact of these music legends.

Reports have suggested that the Marley family's empire is valued at hundreds of millions of dollars, while the Marley children individually amass millions through their diverse music-related ventures. This enduring prosperity stands as a testament to the enduring legacy of Bob Marley and his unwavering cultural impact.


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