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Bet on me: who is the next dancehall breakthrough

Kash, Moyann & Ninecea, who is has the potential to become a next star? (Riphotography)

Jamaica – a breeding ground for numerous generations of great and successful artists. When more and more young artists jump on into the industry is just simply a laboratory for the creation of extraordinary musical talents. So who is next in line to get his breakthrough?

RajahWild The rising dancehall artiste, RajahWild has already grabbed some attention this year with his hit single 'Another Dollar' which was produced by the video director, '9mile' and became trendy mainly due to Tiktok, and then infiltrated the playlists of many of the selectors around the island and even overseas.

On his way to stardom, he performed at a number of events such as Skeng's album launch and added songs like 'Any Party' and 'Boom By By' to expand his catalog.

Ninecea Another young artiste who gained a lot of popularity thanks to social media platforms, is the 18-year-old dancehall newcomer, Ninecea (real name Tahge Johnson).

For him, It started with a voice note that was shared on Instagram and blew up on TikTok. Later it became his first release 'Nahmal' and then after it, he joined forces with another young talent, Armanii in their collaboration hit, 'Party Time' which became very popular among mostly youngsters in Jamaica and surpassed 3.6 million views on Youtube. Both songs were produced by Ninecea’s brother, Terique Johnson, and released via 106 Records.

After expanding his fanbase, Nineceaa spent some time in Miami and Los Angeles, working with the well-known producer, Rvssian, and it looks like we'll be hearing more hits from him very soon.

Armanii When he was a young boy he gained some knowledge while studying in the USA, then backed to Jamaica, and became one of the interesting talents who have the potential to be the next breakthrough.

Armanii made his entrance into the scene with the song, 'Balenciaga Pon Mi Foot' which charted on the iTunes and Spotify Reggae charts, debuting at number 10 and 15, respectively.

From there he didn't stop. His single 'Nahmal Pree' became viral followed by the next one called, 'Wikid & Wild' which gained more than 2.1 million views on YouTube, all when his contemporary hit collab, 'Party Time' featuring Ninecea continues to gain momentum throughout the various parties and platforms. The young artiste became a girl's favorite, got to perform at several events around the island and the future looks promising.

Armanii, has a birght future (Riphotography)

Kash The recording artiste, Kash Promise Move has been here for several years, but it's the right time for him to get the big breakthrough.

he had experienced a sudden surge in fame back in 2021 when he collaborated with Jada Kingdom on the remix of his track 'Ride'. his career has been steadily accelerating since that moment, and his current hit, 'Bandulu' gave him that extra push through the gate.

The promising artist has a voice that blends hip-hop and dancehall, the right image, a growing fan base, and new songs in the pipeline such as 'Sick Flow' (produced by YowLevite), and a brand new collaboration by name of 'Wicked 'along with the rising star in the industry, Valiant. Did we mention Promise Move?

Silk Boss He experienced some moments of fame when released his breakthrough hit single, 'Mankind', last year, but didn't use to take that opportunity. the song itself has surpassed 10 million views on YouTube, but the Montego Bay-born artiste needs to be more focused.

The claim is that he has great talent, he also expanded his musical catalog with some good songs like 'Sorry', 'Repent', and even his latest release, 'Paranoid' sounds promising, but now he has to stay consistent.

After performing in several local events this year such as 'Marco Polo', it's his time to get proper management that will take him forward.

Silk Boss, has to stay consistent (Riphotography)

Moyann She just recently celebrated her 23rd birthday, but Moyann has enough years in the business, an emerging resume of songs, and a very promising career. she is definitely among the hottest female artists in recent years, and now is her time to improve her reputation, increase her fan base, and start to do it even overseas.

The 'Anuh My Style' singer, made it this year with her smash hit collaboration featuring the rising dancehall artiste, Jahshii, 'How We a Live' and just released her latest collaboration with Tommy Lee Sparta, which is called, 'Middle' and has the potential to become a viral song.

She got to perform at many local events, which actually the last one being the Sting, so basically, 2023 seems like the right time for her to take it one step forward.

Rhumba The St-Ann. based artist, Rhumba, is not a new face to the industry, but the last few years have given him some moments of fame with songs like 'Bread Winner', 'Obstacles', 'Journey', and more.

The 24-year-old artiste continued to maintain his career and released an emotional song called 'Cold World', which has already racked up to 2.5 million views on YouTube and added to it singles like 'Robert Johnson', 'Realest Nigga', 'Chiney' and 'Plaque' featuring Teebone.

The Ancient artiste works regularly with a number of well-known producers such as Kyle Butler from Dynasty Ent. and Countree Hype , and got some highlights this year at events such as Sharkies seafood Festival in Runaway Bay. What does the future holds for him?

Marcy Chin Female dancehall artiste, Marcy Chin, she's not new in this game but the space of social media has given her turning points in the past year. it is just impossible to experience the online space without seeing Chin's face.

She managed to cultivate her brand 'Chin City' with the help of the social media platform TikTok and joined the roster of Downsound Records which is managed by industry calibers like Joe Bogdanovic and Cordel 'Skatta' Burrell.

The fact that she is included in the roster of this label, helped her to get a performance at the famous Reggae Sumfest and recently added some highlights at Ghetto Splash.

Marcy Chin, impossible to experience the online space without seeing her face

With new songs like 'Buzz', 'Gimmie More', and her latest released collaboration, 'Shake, Shake, Shake' featuring the Trini artiste, Yung Bredda, Chin delivers a message to the future. I'm here to make my mark.

Jeff Fullyauto The 21-year-old Clarendonian rising artiste has been floating in the dancehall industry for the last few months with a bunch of songs, some of them has gone viral via the social platform, Tiktok.

Jeff Fullyauto, Given the name Jeffrey Grant Jr, has built his name with songs such as, 'Big Guns', 'Dear God' and 'Dutty Song', which all have already gained several million views on YouTube.

His current hit, 'Jericho' produced by his manager Ragz to Richez, is a catchy hit around youngsters these days and has already surpassed 5.6 million views by itself. the young artiste has also managed to perform across the Caribbean and does not stop working all with the aim of reaping fruits soon.


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