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Artist Of The Month: Shenseea Sets Stage for Album Release

Dancehall star Shenseea's latest hit 'Hit & Run' with Masicka signals a return to her roots, marking the start of an exciting chapter ahead of her highly anticipated album release in 2024.

Shenseea, just hit & run

Shenseea has kicked off 2024 with a powerful statement, hinting at a return to her roots as she gears up for the highly anticipated release of her upcoming album. While she has been exploring the American market in recent years, her musical journey has always kept her closely connected to her origins.

Drawing inspiration from R&B and hip-hop, Shenseea has delivered a range of cross-continental singles while remaining loyal to her dancehall roots. Her latest hit single, 'Hit & Run', featuring fellow dancehall star Masicka, made waves as it quickly became the fastest dancehall single to hit 1 million views on YouTube. With over 1 million streams on both Apple and Spotify, the song continues to dominate the charts, nearing 9 million views on YouTube.

Navigating between Jamaica and the USA, Shenseea is immersed in a world of stars, teasing exciting collaborations ahead of her album release. Her appearances at prestigious events, fashion shows, and premieres further solidify her brand, which recently expanded with the launch of a stylish t-shirt collection.

At 27 years old, Shenseea's unique vocal identity propels her towards unprecedented heights in the dancehall scene and beyond, positioning her as a distinctive international star. More than just an artist, she's a celebrity leaving an indelible mark, driven by passion and an unwavering commitment to hard work, ensuring her continued influence on the pulse of the dancehall world for years to come.

An exciting chapter ahead of her career (Photo: Nicholas Gregg)


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