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Shenseea and Masicka's 'Hit & Run' Continues to Make Waves, Charts in 27 Countries on Apple Music

The smashing hit single continues its ascent up the charts, makes the top 25 on iTunes in New York and securing the 50th spot on iTunes in France

Shenseea, continues to Impress with the stats (Photo: Nicholas Gregg)

Shenseea and Masicka's hit track, "Hit & Run," is affirming its status as the hottest release of 2024. Its meteoric rise in popularity became evident when it secured a coveted spot on New York's top 25 songs on Apple Music. Remarkably, this marks Shenseea's ninth entry into the charts, while it serves as Masicka's debut.

Produced by the top Jamaican music producer, Di Genius, the single has conquered the charts in 27 countries on Apple Music, with an impressive 10 of them securing the top position. Notable locations include Jamaica, Antigua and Barbuda, Belize, St. Kitts, Guyana, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, among others. It holds the 3rd spot in the British Virgin Islands and the 4th position in St. Lucia. Additionally, it has made its mark in Africa, claiming the 20th spot in the Gambia, 24th in Sierra Leone, and ranking in Uganda, Zimbabwe, and Ghana at 52nd, 183rd, and 183rd positions, respectively. The track has even reached the shores of Fiji in Oceania, where it stands at 51st on the local Apple Music chart.

'Hit & Run' is making waves on iTunes as well, securing a top-ranking position in Granada, claiming the 4th spot in Antigua and Barbuda and St. Kitts and Nevis, and ranking 26th in Barbados, 50th in France, and 182nd in Great Britain.

Emerging as the fastest dancehall song to achieve 3 million streams this year and nearing the 4 million views milestone in a mere 5 days, this remarkable single maintains its dominance on the YouTube Jamaica trending chart, firmly holding the top position. Additionally, the single has swiftly surpassed 46,070 videos on TikTok within the initial 5 days since its release.


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