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Alkaline and Knaxx Release Exciting Collaboration, 'Wul Mine'"

Both artists deliver a collaboration that merges reggae and dancehall: "It will leave a lasting impact on the music scene," shared by Alkaline

Alkaline collaborates with Knaxx

Dancehall star Alkaline has joined forces with the emerging talent Knaxx for their latest collaboration, "Wul Mine," which hit the airwaves on Monday, February 12, 2024, through Xclusive Management.

This long-awaited partnership, shrouded in secrecy for months, showcases the dedication of both artists to delivering exceptional music. The track is set to merge Alkaline's distinctive style with Knaxx's fresh approach, resulting in a blend of familiarity and innovation. Anticipate a captivating mix of potent lyrics, entrancing rhythms, and melodies that resonate deeply with the essence of dancehall and reggae.

Alkaline expressed, "This project is all about bridging the gap between different generations of dancehall and reggae. I believe what we’ve created together will leave a lasting impact on the music scene."

Knaxx shared his enthusiasm, stating, “To collaborate with an icon like Alkaline is a dream come true. I’ve learned so much throughout this process, and what we’ve been working on. This is just the beginning of a new chapter in dancehall and reggae music.”


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