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  • Akeeile Harris

Alkaline Joins Forces With Sponge For 'Nah Lef Eh Game': "We Have One Of The Best Chemistries In Dancehall"

Dancehall star released his 4th single early in 2024, showcasing consistency and the potential for another hit. His producer friend full of compliments

Alkaline, is starting 2024 on a strong note

Dancehall star Alkaline has made a bold entrance to 2024. Following three previous releases this year, he has set the bar high with his latest single, 'Nah Lef Eh Game,' produced by Sponge Music and Autobamb Records.

This single, poised to dominate both the dancehall charts and dance floors, unequivocally asserts that Alkaline is still in the game, leaving no room for doubt. Producer Sponge Music emphasizes, "This chemistry in dancehall is one of the best. We bring our friendship into the studio and create hit after hit."

With almost 2.20 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, Alkaline has already created a buzz with two singles: 'Nuh Rival' at the 24th spot and 'Not A Clone' at the 12th on YouTube Trending In Jamaica. Fueled by this momentum, Alkaline is resolute in ensuring that 2024 becomes a standout year for him.

He kicked off the year with the release of the hit 'Lum Sum,' garnering over a million views on YouTube. Alkaline shows no signs of slowing down, having released an impressive four singles in the first month of January, with rumors circulating about an upcoming album.


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