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450 Hints At A Collaboration with American Rapper NLE Choppa

Ahead of his American Birthday Tour, the fast-rising dancehall star teases a potential collab alongside the rapper American. Vanessa Bling also sharing photos with the artist

NLE Choppa with 450

The American rap star, NLE Choppa, is currently soaking up the vibes of Jamaica, immersing himself in the local music scene.

NLE Choppa (Given name Bryson LaShun Potts) proudly embraces his Jamaican heritage, often expressing his love for his roots. Currently, he's stirring excitement with hints of collaboration alongside the fast-rising dancehall star, 450. he shared a photo to his Instagram story with the words “OTW” alluding to a possible collab.

For 450, this collaboration marks a significant stride towards solidifying his presence in the American music market. As he gears up for a birthday tour comprising six shows across the USA next week, beginning in Georgia on April 6th, he's poised to make waves. From there, his tour will take him through South Florida, Connecticut, and New York, including a performance at the renowned Amazura, before concluding in Philadelphia and Maryland.

Meanwhile, veteran dancehall artist, Vanessa Bling, has also shared photos alongside the rapper.


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