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  • Akeeile Harris

A Glimpse into Skippa's Success: A Tale of Teamwork at Rich Together Entertainment

Updated: May 3

Fast-rising dancehall artist Skippa finds success with a devoted support team, spearheaded by Rich Together Ent., which includes collaborators like Prod Carterr, Chargie Dem, Bankroller Visuals, and more

Alongside rising dancehall artiste, Skippa (Photo: Wvlnth)

Every success story relies on a support team. Rising dancehall artiste Skippa has assembled a crew of supporters, including "Rich Together Entertainment," which brings together a group of friends to ensure smooth operations.

The brains behind this independent label supported by the immensely talented composer/producer Prod Carterr, Chargie Records, Don Money Records, Bob Dem Records, audio engineer MPP Records, the videographer Bankroller managed by Banka, and the emerging female artist, Pretty Villain.

"In our team, we have exclusive producers such as Chargie Records, who have direct connections to artists like Skeng, Jahvillani, and Ai Milly, making them indispensable members of our lineup. Don Money has also made significant contributions to specific projects," he revealed the strategy. "We function as a cohesive team, as business partners. I oversee the operations," stated the producer. "While we collaborate with various labels," he emphasized.

Skippa, who recently earned high spots on the YouTube Trending chart in Jamaica, boasts an expanding catalog including singles such as "Most Wanted", 'No Pain", "Cash Code," "Wrong," "Self Believe," and the recent release "Hugo," all of which are co-produced by the label.

"We also collaborated with executive producers, including Now Or Never, Attomatic Records, Dynasty Global, Cash Code, and also DJ Mac," He explained. "They fund the projects and connect the artists. Some provide the funds, some have the connections".

The "Rich Together Ent" founer acknowledges being influenced by American-Jamaican actor and influencer Michael Rainey Jr. "He has a big influence on me," he states. He also credits entrepreneur and manager Corey Todd, saying, "All of this wouldn't be possible without him."

The producer promises more projects in the pipeline. "We have upcoming singles with Chargie Records, and Carterr has another one as well. So, the work won't stop", he emphasizes.

Describing Skippa's talent as unique, he states, "His talent is remarkable. His flow and wordplay are unparalleled." However, he also acknowledges the contributions of other team members, saying, "Carterr has his own distinct sounds that attract a lot of people and artists, you know. And Banka is such a great film director." He highlights the importance of teamwork, noting that "working as a team can take you to higher levels."


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