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  • Akeeile Harris

Kranium and Chronic Law Collaborate on Captivating New Single 'Higher Life'

Dancehall producer Cj Chemist teams up with two melodious dancehall artists for a new project, which has rapidly ascended the charts on Spotify's Dancehall Official playlist

Kranium & Chronic Law, 2 top melodious dancehall artists (Photos: Tejano Taylor)

Dancehall producer Cj Chemist of Chemist Records has enlisted two top melodious dancehall artists from the new era, Kranium and Chronic Law, for an enthralling new single titled "Higher Life," released on April 25 via UK's Outdeh Records.

Both Kranium and Law Boss display their melodic prowess as they trade verses, delivering an uplifting product. "While Kranium and I were in the studio vibing and finalizing the song, we felt a verse from Chronic Law would elevate the record, even though it was already complete," said Chemist. "When I approached him about it, there was no hesitation, and he voiced his part."

With a beat that complements both artists' styles, the track has already reached the 5th position on Spotify's largest dancehall playlist, Dancehall Official, boasting over 1.3 million followers. It's also featured on other playlists like New Dancehall 2024 Jm Official, where it holds the 3rd spot.

Kranium and Chronic Law, renowned for their collaborative prowess, have left their mark on several iconic dancehall singles in the past. "Having two great artists, I'm thrilled to have a connection with both, and it was a pleasure to merge their vocals," stated Chemist, who also mentioned that the video is about to be released soon, adding to the excitement.

With the single already making waves, Chemist, whose given name is Steve Rowe, may be considering expanding the project to a juggling. "With me, everything is a juggling lol, but for now, I'm observing the momentum of the record before releasing any more on the beat," he shared.


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