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2024 Kickoff: Nigy Boy, Govana, Jada Kingdom & More Drop Singles

Nigy Boy took the spotlight, Govana rode the trend, while Jada Kingdom, Chronic Law, and Rytikal set the stage with their initial contributions for 2024

Govana, Jada Kingdom, Nigy Boy and Rytikal kicking off their 2024.

The onset of 2024 witnesses the prominence of the trending 'Dutty Money,' capturing the spotlight with a new array of singles, as other artists join in, launching the year with fresh releases.

Govana – 'Needle Island' Govana effortlessly seizes control of the popular 'Dutty Money,' delivering captivating melodies intertwined with sharp rhymes. He debuts a stylish single that resonates with the hearts of the ladies, and it's safe to wager that this is not only a surefire hit but also accompanied by a chic music video.

Nigy Boy – 'Continent' Nigy Boy, the vocal sensation, garnered significant attention in the dancehall scene over the past week. Authorized by Rvssian, the talented artist lived up to expectations, delivering a captivating single tailored for the ladies and refusing to settle for just one.


Chronic Law - 'Journey Continues' Law Boss kicks off 2024 just as he concludes 2023, revealing a poignant single rich with emotions and a message that mirrors the harsh realities experienced by the ghetto youths. The focus on the ongoing journey is evident, emphasizing the importance of perseverance, caution, and the determination to never give up.

Kraff – 'Prada'

Kraff launches into 2024 with a compelling single from his forthcoming album, showcasing a captivating blend of flow and lyrics. The song exudes electrifying energy, complemented by sublime vocal harmonies, setting an exciting tone for what's to come from this artist.

Rytikal – 'Aircraft'

Rytikal demonstrates his raw talent as he stages a comeback with a dynamic new single, utilizing an enchanting flow to convey his lyrics and firmly immerse himself in an infectious beat. The single's release is enhanced by a dancefloor-oriented video that includes the participation of acclaimed dancers, among them Energy.

Najeeriii – 'Bomb' Najeeriii effortlessly integrates his infectious lyrics into a meticulously crafted flow, introducing a subtle variation from his usual tone. Skillfully synchronizing with the beat, he releases yet another stylish single that marks a compelling start to 2024, solidifying his position as an emerging talent in the music scene.

Jada Kingdom – 'Those Days' Just moments before possibly sparking a viral feud with Stefflon Don, Jada Kingdom has once again teamed up with the renowned producer Di Genius for a new single. This track adds a distinctive touch to Sizzla's iconic 'Those Days,' showcasing Jada Kingdom's velvety vocals and seamlessly shifting melodies as she effortlessly rides the beat in collaboration with the acclaimed Jamaican producer Di Genius.

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