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Xodus Carnival and FirstRock Group announce a $20 million partnership

Xodus Carnival and FirstRock Group's 20M JMD partnership redefines the Caribbean Carnival Experience, promising a vibrant future

L-R: Pierre Goubault, CEO of Xodus Carnival; Sable-Joy McLaren from The FirstRock Group & Scott Dunn

Xodus Carnival and FirstRock Group have forged a monumental alliance, sealing a groundbreaking 5-year sponsorship deal worth $20 million Jamaican dollars. This agreement, spanning from 2024 to 2028, not only solidifies seven years of steadfast support from FirstRock Group but also heralds a historic era for the Xodus Carnival.

Pierre Goubault, CEO of Xodus Carnival, exudes enthusiasm for this extended collaboration. "We’re thrilled to embark on this partnership with the FirstRock Group. This marks the longest multi-year sponsorship for Xodus and is aligned with our vision to grow and expand the Xodus brand and continuously improve the experience we provide to our revelers", he shared.

FirstRock Group, a dedicated sponsor of Xodus Carnival since 2022, is expanding its commitment by involving prominent entities within its portfolio: Dolla Financial and Ultra Financier, both influential players in the Caribbean micro-lending sector. This strategic collaboration aims to fuse the carnival's unparalleled vibrancy with the financial prowess of FirstRock Group, Dolla Financial, and Ultra Financier.

Sable-Joy McLaren, Senior Manager of Group Marketing at FirstRock, underscores the organic evolution of this partnership, expressing excitement about deepening ties with Xodus and amplifying their impact regionally. The FirstRock Group is excited to play a pivotal role in the continued success and growth of the Xodus brand, and we’ve expanded the sponsorship to include Dolla Financial in a more impactful way,” she exclaimed.

L-R: David Henriques, Pierre Goubault, CEO of Xodus Carnival Company; Sable-Joy McLaren, Tashoni Ellis, Group Manager at Dolla Financial Services; and Scott Dunn, Group Managing Director of Dream Entertainment Ltd. strike a pose of signing a deal

Tashoni Ellis, Group Marketing Manager at Dolla Financial Services, echoed the sentiment of excitement, emphasizing Dolla's privilege in aligning with Xodus for Carnival 2024. "As we celebrate Xodus's success and expansion, Dolla is honoured to contribute to this journey, aligning our commitment to excellence and innovation. Over the next four years, we are confident that this collaboration will amplify the vibrancy and success of Carnival 2024," Ellis said.

Together, this strategic partnership between Xodus Carnival, FirstRock Group, Dolla Financial, and Ultra Financier promises a kaleidoscopic celebration that transcends boundaries, uniting communities and setting new standards for the future of Caribbean carnivals.


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