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Tuff Like Iron aimed at frenemies with a new single titled “Sometimeish”

The rising singer dropped a catchy dancehall song in which she takes aim at temporary friends accompanied by music video shot and edited by Tizzy Tokyo

"You never know what the people around you really have in their heart towards you" (Victor Cantey)

Rising Singer, songwriter and MC, Tuff Like Iron has released a new dancehall single titled 'Sometimeish'.

The catchy melody paired with Tuff’s playful lyrics create a fun vibe for all dance playlists this summer. The song’s message is to focus on your happiness while realizing you can’t always rely on others to be there for you. “Sometimeish is a celebration of self," says Tuff Like Iron, "I wrote this song because sometimes friends become frenemies and you never know what the people around you really have in their heart towards you, so, just live good, come out and look stylish, and mek dem vex. dat is it”.

Produced by Hot Steppa Records and JahTJr, the song is a captivating and refreshing composition, blending uptempo melodies and a pulsing rhythm with Tuff’s fun and flirtatious hooks. If you’re ready for a summer of good vibes and self-care, 'Sometimeish' is a must have on your 2023 playlist.

The visuals, shot and edited by Tizzy Tokyo, follow Tuff as she goes about minding her “owna business” to avoid people who are considered so hot and cold, they are well sometimeish! Jamaica’s most loved dancers of the moment; Gabbidon, Look Alike, Ecko, and TaliiDon make appearances to launch a hot new vibe for the summer.


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