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The return of sting: mixed emotions after a long wait

Valiant and Bayka, Two of the most talked about artists (GD Films)

Jada Kingdom returned to perform in Jamaica after 3 years, but despite the clash between Queenie and Amari, the high standards were absent from Sting. Review of The greatest one-night reggae and dancehall show

The greatest one-night reggae and dancehall show on Earth is back after a long wait. thousands of patrons joined together to see some of the top reggae and dancehall artists in Jamaica perform their hit songs, rival artists and fan bases coming head to head taking part in one big event known no other than Sting.

Sting 2022 just like the rest, was one of the year's most highly anticipated events with its new location in Grizzly’s Plantation Cove, St. Ann. As expected, roads were packed and filled with excited fans eager to see their favorite artists take the stage and perform.

The night began with host Dancehall Diva, Nikki Hype, preparing the crowd for what would later be known as one of the wildest nights in dancehall history. There were many memorable performances from artists such as Pamputtae, Christopher Martin that catch the fans with several highlights including his new hit, 'Guaranteed', Jahmiel, Etana who brought Fantan Mojah to the stage, and also, Gyptian, Gaza Slim, Jahvillani, and course Jada Kingdom who got to perform in Jamaica after a long wait of 3 years.

Jada Kingdom, returning to perform on the home ground after 3 years (GD Films)

The night unraveled with comical and lyrical clashes with one being most talked about as no other than A’mari and the self-proclaimed England native Queenie, who gave the crowd the exact entertainment that was needed to fully enjoy the night. An intense lyrical battle also ensued between dancehall newcomers Malie Donn and Pablo YG while the latter was declared the winner amongst his loyal fans.

As the night progressed the crowd became hungry for more as the anticipation for the newer artists grew high. Artists such as Kraff, Skeng, Valiant, and Jahshii were all set to perform at Sting 2022. The night erupted into massive chaos as persons from unknown entourages were seen rushing the stage fighting and clashing with each other.

This, unfortunately, resulted in Jamaica’s favorite dancehall night being cut short with the exclusion of the artists who were still yet to perform while the most talked about artiste, Valiant, spent just a few minutes on stage next to Bayka. Disappointed artists and fans left the Cove in low spirits as fans believed these artists were unfairly robbed of a great opportunity.

However, to compensate for his disappointed fans, Valiant decided to perform from the roof of his car entertaining the crowd with his greatest hits. Jahshii was also seen interacting with fans in hopes of helping them feel better about the disappointing ending.

With the return of Sting, many patrons were left with mixed emotions however these minor setbacks raise the question, is this the changing location to St. Ann, or did the organizers of Sting will know how to set the high standards again?


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