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The finalists and all the details about 'Red Bull Dance Your Style' 2023 National Finals

With 16 finalists the dancing competition is slated to take place in Kingston, on Saturday, hosted by Latonya Styles: "the more vibrant you are, the deeper the crowd's connection"

Dance your style with Redbull

The Finals of the Red Bull Dance Your Style Competition are slated to take place on September 2, 2023, at Kingston’s Half Way Tree Transport Centre. the 16 finalists have been selected and will compete in the competition’s fourth national final. the finalists will go toe-to-toe in multiple battle rounds judged solely by the audience. The event will be hosted by Latonya Styles with music by DJ Brandon and DJ Stainy of Game Changaz.

This year’s winner will represent the island on the global stage at the 2023 Red Bull Dance Your Style World Final, set to take place in Frankfurt, Germany on November 4, 2023. For the first time, this year’s final will be broadcast live on local television programme, RETV.

Coming from a diverse range of backgrounds, disciplines and interests, the 16 finalists all have one thing in common - an innate love for dance and Jamaican dance culture. Seven females and nine males make up the group of 16 who will compete on September 2. This year’s contestants include - Oneil The Great, AJ Byns Impact, Smilez, DHQ Chicken, Chin Flame, Maahjesty, Pureflow Crazy Shellingz, Jay The Danca, Nae Uneek, Baby Girl, Skitta Star, Mission Blazzaz, Pinky Tallawah, Wire Waist, Wazzi, and Freshhh Immortal.

"I am excited and deeply thankful to once again be a part of the Red Bull Dance Your Style competition, an opportunity that holds special significance for me as a dancer. It has been a remarkable experience, collaborating with the amazing dancers and the Red Bull team. As we embark on the 2023 edition, I'm eager to witness more versatility and a stronger female presence. To the 16 finalists, I urge you to venture beyond your comfort zones, connect profoundly with the music, and infuse the stage with your vibrant personas - remember, the more vibrant you are, the deeper the crowd's connection,” said Latonya Style, world-renowned Jamaican dancer, choreographer, this year’s event host and an affiliate of Red Bull Jamaica’s Dance Your Style since inception.

When asked why the Red Bull Dance Your Style platform is so important, she shared that, “This space enables them to showcase their individuality, step out of their comfort zones, challenge themselves, and perform on a competitive level. It empowers them to bring forth their utmost potential and showcase their extraordinary abilities. Their competitive spirit on this stage opens doors to global opportunities, setting a course for greatness. Kudos to Red Bull for their unwavering commitment to the Red Bull Dance Your Style Competition, fostering an invaluable platform for our dancers.”

Started in 2018, with the first world final held in 2019, Red Bull Dance Your Style features a unique battle format and has become a platform for street dancers of all styles - from hip-hop to house, popping, locking and more – to showcase their skills. In the competition, they are challenged with unpredictable music hits and are crowned by crowd-voting. Competitors must conquer the audience as they are ultimately deciding who will rule the dance floor. Therefore audience attendance and participation are crucial for the success of the event, so members of Jamaica's diverse dance community, as well as dance, music, entertainment and cultural enthusiasts, are encouraged to come out to support their favourite dancers.

Joel Immortal, the 2023 Red Bull Dance Your Style Champion, encouraged this year's contestants to, "run and grab the opportunity like food! Put your all into your battles, bring entertainment to the stage, express yourself and put on a show. Try to bring something different to the stage. In my final battle, I did something unusual - a testament that Red Bull truly gives you wings! So do your best to leave an impact come competition night".

Red Bull Dance Your Style is a global dance competition featuring a unique battle format. Dancers are challenged with unpredictable music hits across all genres and are crowned by crowd-voting. Competitors must conquer the audience as they are ultimately deciding who will rule the dance floor. Dancehall is still a new format and genre in the competition, making Jamaica’s overall involvement a necessary, impactful and inclusive addition, bringing further diversity to the global event. This event is open to the public, and free entry.


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