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Teejay, Lila Ike, Rajahwild & 6 More: The Weekly Top Selection of Music

Rvssian's latest project is making headlines, Teejay & Davido's 'Drift' remix has been released, and Lila Ike and Valiant have also delivered

L-R: Skippa, Teejay, Valiant & Lila Ike

As the year comes to a close, Jamaican producers are making a concerted effort to reclaim the crown and make headlines. We've got a handful of captivating selections from yet another musical week. Are you ready?

Teejay Ft. Davido – 'Drift' Remix Dancehall star, Teejay has finally dropped the highly anticipated remix of his chart-topping single 'Drift,' collaborating with the Nigerian Afrobeat sensation, Davido. The remix seamlessly blends the dynamic Afro-Caribbean rhythms of the original, showcasing a fusion that harmonizes two diverse cultures and delivers a transcendent, genre-defying sound. The collaboration creates a linguistic tapestry where English, Jamaican, and Yoruba patois unite, forming a universal language that resonates across borders.

Rajahwild – 'Go Go' Rvssian has undeniably made waves in the dancehall scene with this innovative idea, and for those seeking a formula for success, Rajawild is the answer. The emerging talent has dominated the airwaves with his alluring lyrics crafted for the female audience, solidifying his position with yet another hit in his growing repertoire of songs.

Lila Ike - 'Good & Great' Reggae songstress Lila Ike has introduced a heartfelt ballad entitled 'Good & Great,' offering a thankful declaration. Ike expresses appreciation to the Most High and pledges to continue singing His praises in her forthcoming musical ventures.

Skippa – 'Self Believe' Skippa is maintaining his momentum with a track aimed at the skeptics, quickly soaring up the trending charts on Youtube in Jamaica. This piece marks another shining moment in his remarkable year, highlighting his impressive songwriting abilities evident in a single brimming with self-confidence.

Intence & Kraff - 'AK' Intence and Kraff, renowned for their assertive flows, have joined forces for a highly anticipated new single featuring dangerous lyrics. Fans of both artists have eagerly awaited this collaboration, where they skillfully exchange aggressive melodies through their distinctive and sharp flows. The accompanying video complements the vibe, enhancing the overall impact of their powerful musical synergy.

Valiant – ‘Bubble Gum’ Valiant croons, "Mi a Di Gyal Dem Bubble Gum," showcasing his undeniable compatibility with this genre of beats. He effortlessly captures the essence of the Dutty Money riddim, skillfully weaving in the familiar phrases of the ladies, creating a captivating and enchanting musical experience.

Pablo YG – ‘Bima’ Troyton Music is reviving the genuine essence of dancehall sounds and beats through his latest project, and Pablo YG's talent shines through as he skillfully selects words, weaves intricate rhymes, and delivers a precise flow that complements the rhythm seamlessly.

Valiant – 'Buddum' Valiant stands out as a distinctive singer, particularly adept at crafting infectious melodies tailored for rhythmic spaces. Consistently delivering catchy lyrics and complementing them with well-executed music videos, Valiant once again hits the mark with this latest piece. This track, set against the backdrop of DJ Mac and Crash Dummy's 'Chakka' riddim, seamlessly blends a fluid flow, well-structured lyrics, and a captivating rhythm. The accompanying video, featuring the vibrant energy of a simulated hot party and appearances by the Super Selector Boom Boom, serves as further testament to the potential encapsulated in this single.

Alkaline – 'Relapse' Alkaline's skill in effortlessly fusing diverse genres is apparent in the latest single that merges dancehall with R&B influences. Infusing the militant essence of dancehall with his distinctive style and flair, Alkaline crafts invincible harmonies that elevate the fusion of these musical elements.


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