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Street Supply Co.: A Cultural Hub of Authentic Jamaican Style and Music

Following their reopening at Dubwise Cafe, CEO Rohan Scott discusses the mission to revive vinyl records in Jamaica through a partnership with VP Records and local artists

Street Supply Co. CEO, Rohan Scott, "We are striving to revitalize the vinyl industry here in Jamaica" (Photo: Sleek Magazine)

In 2015, Street Supply emerged from the vibrant streets of Manor Park, where its CEO, Rohan Scott, once served as an integral partner in a local store. Transitioning primarily to an online platform under the name 'Base Kingston & Belle,' and now back at a physical location, Street Supply swiftly became the go-to destination for authentic Jamaican apparel and reggae artist merchandise.

Step into their store and be immersed in the essence of Jamaica. Here, vibrant hues and rhythmic beats intertwine as brands like Cooyah, I&I, and Chronixx Music Merchandise adorn their shelves with their distinctive flair. From the laid-back cool of Jamaica Nice to the soul-stirring rhythms of renowned artists, every item tells a story of heritage, passion, and pride.

They recently reopened on May 3 at 82 Lady Musgrave Road situated inside the Dubwise Cafe, which also neighbours Kaya Herb House. When asked about what they offer, Rohan Scott said, “We offer brand Jamaica and some international t-shirt brands, accessories, artiste merchandise and a wide variety of vintage and new vinyl tapes.”

The collection of vinyl tapes stands as a cherished cornerstone and captivating accent, beckoning countless enthusiasts to the doors of Street Supply.

"We are striving to revitalize the vinyl industry here in Jamaica. This coupled with what we have been doing in regards to distributing our local artist merchandise, puts us in a unique position to offer old time events like ‘In-Stores’ where an artiste visits a record store to meet-and-greet fans, autograph merchandise, and sign records," Rohan Scott told Kaboom Magazine.

But this is also possible because of their partnership with VP Records. When asked how this collaboration came about, he responded by saying, "It started with us distributing local artiste merchandise such as Protoje, Kabaka Pyramid, Lila Ike etc. Some of the artists would give us vinyl records to distribute, which led to us discovering sub-culture of vinyl collectors in Jamaica."

After they kept selling them to the musicians they carried, they kept asking for more vinyls. Which led to sourcing records from Downtown Kingston, Rockers International on Orange Street.

However, they only had used records, so they all ended up in a conversation with VP and expressed the desire in revitalizing the vinyl industry in Jamaica.

Customers should be lining up to see what Street Supply has to offer, with feedback being important, Scott said, "Customer feedback is paramount to the growth and development of any business. While we are not doing something new, what we are attempting is a dated business model and we will definitely be tapping in with our customers to improve our services and offerings."

He continued, "We do this through our website, events, and one-on-one with customers who love what we are doing and offer suggestions."

Street Supply is gearing up to broaden its presence by launching new stores throughout the island in the coming months. This strategic expansion aims to enhance brand visibility and draw in a larger customer base, solidifying their market position.

A new haven for reggae music enthusiasts is set to offer an immersive experience into the depths of Jamaican culture. Visit and discover the unique offerings they have in store. As Dubwise and Kaya expand in tandem with Street Supply Co., this venue is poised to become a central hub for entertainment and a perfect spot for enjoying quality time with great friends.


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