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Sonovic Unveils Soul-Stirring Single 'Patience' featuring T’Jean

Sonovic, the Producer-Turned-Artist, dropped a potent single produced by T.B.S. Records, shattering musical boundaries with authentic emotion

T'Jean, Sonovic, joint forces for powerful single

Renowned producer-turned-artist Sonovic has unveiled his latest single, "Patience," featuring T’Jean. This musical piece defies genre constraints, presenting an authentic portrayal of life's challenges and the intricate dynamics within relationships. The track is produced by Troy Baker Sound (T.B.S. Records).

"Patience" by Sonovic embodies resilience in the face of adversity, drawing profound lessons from life's trials. Through emotive verses, the song narrates a compelling story, uncovering the hardship and invaluable wisdom gained from these experiences.

Sonovic's poignant expression captures the pain of betrayal, wrestling with the profound disappointment inflicted by those closest. Yet, within these emotional depths, Sonovic navigates life's complex maze with unwavering courage and determination.

Adding a compelling layer to the narrative, T’Jean’s verse explores the struggles involving ego, jealousy, and betrayal, emphasizing the significance of faith and self-awareness in confronting life’s obstacles.

Troy Baker, the founder of Troy Baker Sound (T.B.S. Records), shared, “I have been immersed in Jamaican, hip hop, and UK dance music all my life, and Troy Baker Sound reflects that. The launch of T.B.S with songs like Sonovic’s ‘Patience’ shows commitment to releasing music by other like-minded producers alongside my own productions.”

Sonovic revealed, “Being a producer has trained my ear for unique sounds and also stimulated my brain when it comes to transitioning from just a beat to a completed song. When we played ‘Patience’ at our first writing camp at Geejam, this is the track that captivated Troy’s ear, which was the beginning of our endless collaborations T.B.S and Sonovic Music. I enjoy working alongside other creatives that possess the same type of dedication and work ethic to progress together.”

Troy Baker Sound (T.B.S. Records) is devoted to presenting musical creations that not only entertain but also enrich the cultural landscape. With a steadfast commitment to artistic integrity, Troy Baker Sound (T.B.S. Records) strives to elevate the industry by pushing boundaries and championing originality.

Sonovic’s “Patience,” a collaboration with Troy Baker Sound (T.B.S. Records), assures to enrapture audiences with its soul-stirring melodies and resonant narratives, poised to make a lasting impact on the reggae music scene.


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