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RT Boss’ viral hit 'Ben Ben' spurs interest from major US label, artiste denies relationship with Queenie

Dancehall artist Rt went viral with 'Ben Ben', catching a major US record label's eye. He denied any relationship with social personality Queenie

The recent firestorm created by RT Boss’ viral hit Ben Ben Ben Back, has caught the attention of a major US record label.

The dancehall artiste says the negotiations with the label which has offices in the United States and the United Kingdom are at an advance pace.

“The label reached out after they saw the traction on social media. I cannot say much right now, but one thing I will say is that this is a big opportunity for dancehall music and myself and its all about promoting the music and culture to a global audience,” RT Boss disclosed.

'Ben Ben' has hit social media like a storm, which has fans going crazy by participating in the Ben Ben Ben Back Challenge.

“Ben Ben Ben Back, a high energy dancehall song that has the females going crazy doing ‘bend’ dances on TikTok and other social media platforms. The song has really created a viral moment, it's trending on TikTok, and social media personalities such as Queenie, Amari, Cheeseford, Shebada, and Roger have been pushing the song. Dem love the lyrics and the riddim and the vibes", RT Boss said.

And speaking of Queenie, photos of her and RT Boss in an compromising position, have made their way into the social media sphere.

RT Boss has downplayed this as mere friendship. “Queenie is a good friend of mine, and she has been promoting the song on her platform, and this has brought us some good results. There is nothing going on between us other than business,” said RT Boss.


B'en Ben' was released on the RT Records imprint in December. A video for the song was recently completed and is expected to be released shortly.

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