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  • Akeeile Harris

Rising Talent Shamred MMI Aiming to Dominate the Trap Dancehall Scene

At the age of 18, the rising talent from Montego Ba gained recognition through TikTok with his new single "Chop Eh Line" and is determined to solidify his status

Rising Talent, Shamred MMI

The music industry is an ever-changing landscape, continually ushering in a new generation of fresh and innovative talents. Among these rising talents is Shamir Curtis, known by his stage name, Shamred MMI. At the tender age of 18, this young artist from Montego Bay, St. James, is embarking on his musical journey within the realm of trap dancehall. With a clear vision of elevating his brand, the More Millions Initiative (MMI), and a deep desire to create music that resonates deeply with his fans, Shamred MMI is poised to become the next big sensation in the music industry.

Montego Bay, often referred to as the "Second City" of Jamaica, has a rich tradition of nurturing musical talents. It's a place where artistic innovation has thrived within the dynamic music scene of St. James, boasting a storied history of fostering exceptionally gifted artists.

Shamred MMI is taking his initial steps in the music industry by forging collaborations with emerging producers like Kit Boss Records, Disaster Music, and Naseve Music. These partnerships have granted him a valuable platform to introduce his music to a broader audience, and they have played a crucial role in honing his skills and molding his unique musical style. "I stand beside him with visions and instructions. I want to light up his career," said the producer Kit Boss.

Shamred MMI's upcoming single, "Chop Eh Line," is making some noise on popular social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram. Co-produced by Kit Boss Records and Marvoni Beats, this track impeccably demonstrates his talent for crafting music that deeply resonates with the younger generation. Furthermore, fans can anticipate more captivating releases, including "Three Thief" and "Pain," which will underscore his versatility as an artist. It's worth noting that the budding talent has also been catching the attention of emerging producers like DJ Mac and Kyle Butler, which bodes well for his chances of finding that breakout hit in the near future.

Another talent emerging from the fertile grounds of Montego Bay

Drawing inspiration from acclaimed artists such as Migos, Vybz Kartel, and Chronic Law, Shamred MMI has crafted his music in the footsteps of these musical icons. He adeptly blends a variety of styles and genres in his compositions, reflecting the diverse influences that have contributed to his distinct sound.

Shamred MMI's aspiration is to create music that goes beyond mere entertainment and excitement, striving to convey a profound message. His vision is to solidify his status as a versatile musical artist and ultimately ascend to the esteemed position of a dancehall legend. While the journey to legendary status may be long, Shamred MMI is unquestionably a rising star deserving of our attention.


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