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Rising sensation Zac Jone$ has released his latest single, "Truth Is"

The burgeoning Jamaican artist has revealed yet another track from his debut EP, "Treasure Beach"

Rising sensation, Zac Jone$

Jamaica's emerging music talent, Zac Jone$, has just unveiled his newest single, "Truth Is," a captivating track that provides a unique take on the complexities of love and security within relationships. This alluring release signifies a significant milestone in Jone$'s musical odyssey, offering a sneak peek into his highly anticipated debut EP, "Treasure Beach."

"Truth Is' is a song I really love because there's always this debate about love vs. financial security in relationships," shared Zac Jone$, speaking on the inspiration behind the track. "Especially after being hurt, love can lose its appeal, which Sarah voices beautifully for a lot of women (and men) in her hook - 'Truth Is, Love Hurts, I think I want the money instead,’ then it's up to me to convince her I'm up to the task in the verses, haha."

In this single, a dynamic blend of Reggae, R&B, and hip-hop beats takes center stage, expertly fashioned by Natural High & co. This skillful craftsmanship creates a distinct soundscape, carving out a niche for itself within the Jamaican music scene. "Truth Is" encapsulates a lively and relatable essence, employing an almost conversational "call and response" delivery that showcases an unparalleled fusion of genres. The result is a refreshing and unique sound that adds a contemporary twist to the traditional Reggae landscape.

Zac Jone$'s "Treasure Beach" EP is set to be a captivating collection, featuring breakout hits such as "Miss Jamaica" featuring reggae and dancehall icon Agent Sasco, fan-favorite "Lonely," and "The Weed Song" featuring reggae revivalist Jesse Royal. Each track has been strategically unveiled as part of an innovative campaign, solidifying Jone$'s reputation as an underground Jamaican sensation.

In a groundbreaking collaboration, Zac Jone$ takes center stage in the Hennessy "Henny White" 25th Anniversary campaign, propelling his global influence. The campaign's soundtrack not only features "Truth Is" but also includes "Lonely" and "The Weed Song," amplifying Jone$'s presence on a worldwide scale.

As part of a strategic release plan, anticipate the launch of additional singles from the EP, such as the title track "Treasure Beach" and a collaborative piece with Jamaican songstress Sevana. Plans for a deluxe EP version featuring remixes are already in motion.

To enhance the live experience and foster a stronger connection with his audience, Zac Jone$ has performed "Truth Is" on December 2nd in Kingston, Jamaica, as part of his Culcha House series. This performance will be headlined by the acclaimed Jesse Royal, further solidifying the song's impact.


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