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Embrace the Unconventional: ZAC JONE$ Redefines Love in 'Doe Care'

Rising Jamaican Artiste releases a captivating single from his upcoming debut album titled "Treasure Beach"

Talent on the rise, Zac Jone$ (Destinee Condison)

Jamaican music sensation-on-the-rise ZAC JONE$ has thrilled his growing fanbase with the release of his latest single, "Doe Care." Produced by the acclaimed Grammy-nominated musician Paris Lamont and Grammy-award-winning producer IzyBeats, the track showcases Zac's exceptional talent and serves as the first 2023 offering from his highly anticipated debut album, "Treasure Beach," scheduled to be released later this year.

"Doe Care" is a vibrant Dancehall-centric song that fearlessly explores the intriguing concept of finding love even when the desired person is already committed to someone else. Zac's lyrics deliver a daring yet playful take on this popular theme, challenging societal norms and encouraging listeners to question the boundaries of love.

Reflecting on the inspiration behind the track, Zac shared, "I wrote 'Doe Care' as a challenge to the idea that true love can only be found on a conventional path. While I acknowledge the valid concerns about infidelity, I believe that love can manifest in unexpected and unconventional ways. Who are we to determine where and how true love can be discovered? Sometimes, it's the mysterious workings of the universe."

Accompanying the release of the audio is an official music video co-directed by rising Filmmaker Djuvii and Jesse Suchomel and Creative Directed by Destineé Condison. The visually captivating video perfectly complements the sensual nature of the song, showcasing Zac's undeniable charisma as he interacts with a love interest. Djuvii's artistic vision beautifully captures the essence of the track, leaving viewers immersed in a world of passion and intrigue.

The single is being released via Zac’s Independent label $tony Official and is being distributed by Easy Star Records. It is now available on all major music streaming platforms.

ZAC JONE$ is an emerging Jamaican artist known for his unique style and captivating sound. His music effortlessly combines elements of Dancehall, Reggae, and contemporary influences, creating a fresh and exciting sonic experience. With an authentic Jamaican flair, ZAC JONE$ has been steadily building a devoted fan base and gaining recognition within the industry. His forthcoming debut album, "Treasure Beach," promises to be a musical journey that will solidify his position as a rising star in the industry.

Zac Jone$, very unique talent (Destineé Condison)


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