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Rising reggae artiste, Kxng Izem is set to release his 12-Tracks double EP

Double hungry: The promising talent will drop his project titled "Midnight Til Dawn" on March 24th. The first single, ‘Guard Ring’ has been released already with a music video

Kxng Izem, combines reggae with dancehall and R&B fusion

The Dancehall and Reggae music industry has become a booming force since the new generation has sought to add to its foundation.

Among the next-gen stars and one of the artiste who has been mentioned in our "artiste to watch for 2023", is rising reggae artiste Kxng Izem sets to release his double EP titled "Midnight Til Dawn". The EP is presented as two separate projects consisting of 12 tracks in total.

Looking beyond the risk of releasing two projects simultaneously, Kxng Izem seeks to make his love for his craft and creativity take the lead as he aims to excite his fans by giving them a special, unique body of work that showcases just a few of his signature styles.

The 'Midnight' piece is a blend of Dancehall, Reggae, Trap and Hip-hop complimenting Izem’s skillful lyricism, and forward-thinking and conscious messages.

"I wanted to create a project that sonically represents my experience within the culture and my musical journey. I feel and wish that this project will inspire, motivate, entertain and inform its listeners as I strive to follow the examples of the great musicians this country and the world has given us", said Kxng Izem.

"Til Dawn" pays homage to the sounds of 90s dancehall, rocksteady, reggae and R&B with a modern kick and features Kxng Izem’s electrifying and highly anticipated track, 'BBL'.

"Til Dawn" also features 6 tracks, sheds some intimate light on Izem’s softer side, and captures his lively personality as he flaunts his dancehall roots through the tracks.

Kxng Izem, a game changer (Rickayla Mcneil, Kaboom Media)

Kxng Izem is a game changer, with a unique sound that carries an original dancehall/reggae energy with a modern influence. The long-awaited "Midnight Til Dawn" project is set to be released on Friday, March 24th, 2023, and is described by Kxng Izem as a great representation of Jamaican music today and a way forward for tomorrow.

The project is produced exclusively by Ten24 Collective and Co-Produced by Kalex with features from other local producers such as Shakespeare prod, Delagroove, Island.Wav, Ten24 Music and Sweet Rush Music from Hawaii in the United States.


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