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Rising recording artiste, Nyraah defends her 'Funds'

The young talented Florida-Based dancehall artiste offloads her new single: "The song motivates hustle, ambition and relentless drive to chase our dreams and boss up"

Rising talent, Nyraah

Young talented Florida-based dancehall recording artiste Nyraah, is defending her hustle for the 'paper' in her new single Funds. The track, produced by 876 Trackone, is Nyraah’s way of empowering women to be bosses and control their own money.

Written by the artiste herself and Kirsten Spencer, Funds is definitely a feel-good track about enjoying life unapologetically and not allowing anyone to force you to live less than the life you believe you deserve.

"The song motivates hustle, ambition and relentless drive to chase our dreams and boss up. Of course it’s gonna be fun because you do need to have funds to have fun and boss babes need to have fun too," Nyraah explained.

The funds music video, directed by Styled By Terry, also showcases this fun, boss girl expensive lifestyle that the words of the track epitomise. This was Nyraah’s first video shoot and she believes for her first project it is worth watching.

"It was an exciting and creative project that brought the essence of the song to life visually. Overall it was an awesome experience being that it was my first music video shoot, I really tried to show my inner boss chick too so I hope the fans enjoy it just as much as I enjoyed doing it for them," Nyraah added.

Switching styles in the track to a rap flow also showcases the versatility of the artiste and her willingness to explore different genres and styles of music; Nyraah believes that this also expands the audience the track would appeal to globally. Predominantly Funds is for anyone who can relate and also anyone who understands the value of being their own boss.

Firmly committed to releasing more music and visuals for her growing fan base, Nyraah is committed to pushing her own artistic boundaries and offering a diverse range of content that reflects her growth going forward.


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