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A Perfect Blend for everyone: Review of Popcaan's 'GIHE' album

Updated: Jan 28, 2023

The Unruly Boss fifth album is out. A pure blend of dancehall & afro beats plus major collaborations and statements. Already a potential candidate to become an album of the year

Popcaan And Toni-Ann Singh, Her presence greatly influenced the album (Ace Pxl)

The long wait is over. Popcaan's fifth studio album is out via Ovo Sound, the label he is signed to under the management of Canadian rapper and close friend, Drake.

Drake, of course, features in the collaboration, 'We Caa Done', which has already been released in recent weeks, but together with a tight tracklist intended for all audiences. Life story songs, love ballads, and potential hits. Popcaan does not disappoint his fans with a bunch of beats that are a blend of dancehall, R&B, and afro beats.

The beats created by producer/artist Dane Ray are easily recognizable. In the song, '11th Commandment', the Unruly Boss makes a clear statement to those who have left his camp in recent years that he is not looking back with a potential hit and a sharp message

"Ah nuh everybody ah family, Ah nuh everybody yuh fi call fren, yea, But me nuh do ntn and regret it, Ah nuh everybody ah go loyal. Unruly lef dem inna di past tense". as we mentioned, Poppy leaves no room for a doubt.

In the track 'Past Life', which is also produced by Dane Ray, Popcaan emphasizes that he is still here despite the difficulties over the years. And yes, this is another potential hit.

The melodies songs continue on 'Defeat The Struggle', where Skull somewhat reminds of his hit from 2018, 'Firm and Strong'.

The international dancehall star also mentions his late friends, including Unruly Shaggel in the single, 'Memories', an intriguing song and a candidate to be included in the list of the RIP songs of every selecta across the island.

The "876GUD" has finally teamed up with one of the rising stars in the industry, Chronic Law. The beat was produced by Attomatic and Dan Sky, who has a close relationship with these two artists. the St. Thomas native duo came with a melodic tribute to their home Parish. A song that makes it clear why Chronic Law holds the nickname of Dancehall Therapist.

The Portmore-based producers are also behind the beat of the next song 'Appreciation', which tightens the melodic section of the album. This is a typical beat of these rising producers.

Atto 'Attomatic' Wallace and Popcaan at the album launch (Ace PXl)

The 34-year-old singjay, of course, expresses his rich lifestyle in a couple of songs such as 'Freshness' in which he mentions the brands that accompany his life ('Prada mi Prada, Gucci mi Gucci'), 'New Benz' and more.

There are also interesting attempts at love ballads throughout the album such as in the song, 'Next To Me', featuring his partner, former Miss World, Toni-Ann Singh, and between the lines of 'Teach Me', you can also understand her influence on his life.

with the markers of the success of their previous collaboration song, 'Toni-Ann Singh', they were the key for another major collab with the African giant, Burna Boy in 'Aboboyaa' who together with 'Cry Fi Your Body' and 'Set It', completing the rhythmic songs for girls in the album. this section definitely mixes afrobeat and dancehall well.

Popcaan at the secret launch, a potential for the album of the year (Ace Pxl)

We will not forget to mention the names of producers like Anju Blaxx, TJ Records, Dre Skull, Fanatix, and others who contributed to this project.

So right from the kick-off of this year, we can say that this is definitely a worthy candidate to become the album of the year.


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