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ReniGad targets the global markets with Tribal Kush, Kybba & Luigi Society for the single 'Siddung'

The former RDX member joined forces with a Latin-Dutch duo, Tribal Kush and the established producers, Kybba & Luigi Society for a catchy and bouncy single, reminiscent of the authentic 90s dancehall sound

Siddung cover art, maintains pure tropical music blended with summer vibes & authentic Dancehall sounding beat

Dancehall artiste ReniGad (formerly of the supergroup RDX) collaborates with the Latin-genre-based Dutch duo, Tribal Kush for a multicultural collaboration that maintains the summer vibes on the catchy and bounty single, reminiscent of the authentic 90s dancehall sound.

This excellent collaboration maintains the summer vibes and authentic Dancehall sounding beat. The single is co-produced by the Basshall Music genre creator, Kybba and Jamaican music producer/event coordinator, Luigi Society.

ReniGAD (Born Carlton Williams), who hails from the Waterhouse community in Kingston, Jamaica was a part of the RDX group, which began their career in the early 2000s and gained momentum with several hit singles such as 'Bend Over', 'Kotch', 'Ride It’, ‘Jump’ and ‘Bang'.

During their established career they have toured all the major markets including; the Caribbean, Japan, North America, South America and Europe. In recent years ReniGAD and other former RDX member, Delomar have both started their own respective solo careers.

The combination of producers, Luigi Society and Kybba have released multiple projects throughout their entire careers including the Morning Bliss Riddim, Sikario Riddim which bolstered the single ‘Brawling’ by Popcaan and his most recent compilation, Trade Winds Riddim which he co-produced with ZJ West. He is also known for the popular single titled 'Ray Gad' by the recording artiste/award-winning producer, Dane Ray, which blazed the airwaves in 2020. he is also known for the popular single titled 'Ray Gad' by the recording artiste/producer, Dane Ray, which made the airwaves in 2020. The Portmore native multi-talent has established himself in Jamaica as an elite event promoter for events such as Daybreak (both locally & internationally), Allure, Cross Di Wataz, Image, and Best Weekend Ever.

Kybba on the other hand is responsible for the creation of the popular genre, Basshall Music. The Amsterdam-based DJ / producer took the Urban / Dancehall scene by storm, blending the Latin and Caribbean vibes on his way to multiple mega-millions streaming singles including; ‘Con To’, ‘Pilot’, ‘Bounce Up’, ‘Whine O’Clock’, ‘Calling My Name’ and ‘Heavy’ which features Busy Signal and also the duo, Tribal Kush who is no stranger to high streaming projects of their own. In 2021, the group amassed a whopping 40 million streams on the single, ‘Bad’ featuring Blaiz Fyah on the digital music streaming platform, Spotify. The duo is responsible for numerous mega-million streaming singles and can be widely seen touring Europe and the Latin-based markets alongside Kybba all year round.

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