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Queen Ifrica set to headline Father’s Day Concert

The controversial female artiste ready to take center stage at 'Reggae For Breakfast' event. "I’m always honest with myself and my fans", she says

Queen Ifrica, ready to take on the stage (Jamar Cleary)

After years away from the Kingston stage, controversial Reggae hitmaker Queen Ifrica is ready to give a unique performance to the Jamaican fathers this weekend at Reggae For Breakfast.

The Breakfast and Brunch event is the first ever LIVE Band version of the popularized breakfast party concept in Jamaica and will see the likes of; Warrior King, Duane Stephenson, Singer J, Mackeehan, Ikalay, Yellowman and Queen Ifrica perform live at Hope Gardens.

For Ifrica, the idea of returning to the live stage in Kingston on a signature day like father’s day has a special meaning and made her customize her set specially for the real Jamaican men.

Queen Ifrica, always talks her mind

"Personally I think a show celebrating good Fathers is long overdue, especially here in Jamaica. There are so many great fathers who go above and beyond for their families and deserve to be honored for being the amazing men that they are. I’m very happy to be a part of this event and I’m really going to give a special set this Sunday," she explained.

Queen Ifrica has been in the media fairly regularly in recent times as she has been very vocal about her personal life and her career including her split with long-time partner Tony Rebel. For Ifrica though this has always been her personality trait.

"I’m always honest with myself and my fans and I’ve never been afraid to talk my mind. Some may like it some may not but it doesn’t change the facts and my truth, so when I say that Fathers deserve a LIVE event like Reggae For Breakfast, know i'm being very real and honest," The 47-Years-Old singer added.

"I’m always honest with myself and my fans and I’ve never been afraid to talk my mind"

Queen Ifrica is also working on new material preparing for the release of her new album, hopefully before the end of the year.


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