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Protoje Concludes Time Trilogy with 'In Search Of Zion' Remix Album

Produced by Zion I Kings, the singer concluded the period between 2018 and 2022, which includes three albums, stating, "It's my final gift before I move on to new music."

Protoje, end of an era

Protoje, a two-time Grammy award nominee, has recently released a new remix album titled "In Search Of Zion" through In.Digg.Nation Collective / RCA Records. Teaming up with the producer collective Zion I Kings, the Jamaican artist has rejuvenated his acclaimed 2020 album, "In Search of Lost Time," infusing it with a modern and soulful atmosphere while preserving the roots reggae core. The album also features dub versions of each track, providing listeners with a fresh and reimagined musical journey.

This release marks the culmination of Protoje's trilogy of time-themed albums, including "A Matter Of Time" (2018), "In Search of Lost Time" (2020), and "Third Time’s The Charm" (2022). Protoje describes "In Search Of Zion" as his parting gift before venturing into new musical endeavors, signifying a closing chapter. The album showcases a diverse range of musical styles, from steppaz and one drops to boom bap, reminiscent of roots reggae's golden era.

Protoje, "I go on to new music" (Photo: Rickayla Mcneil)

"In Search Of Zion is my last gift before I go on to new music, so this is a closing chapter. This music is so different, some of them are steppaz, some one drops, some are boom bap, one-two…a throwback to a roots reggae time”, Protoje explained.

Zion I Kings, comprised of David "Jah David" Goldfine, Laurent "Tippy I" Alfred, and Andrew "Moon" Bain, contributed their seasoned sound of live roots reggae instrumentation to Protoje's lyrics and songwriting. With a catalog of over 50 albums and two Best Reggae Album Grammy nominations, Zion I Kings' production style blends traditional dub techniques with contemporary influences, resulting in a unique sonic experience.

Produced during the 2020 lockdown, "In Search Of Zion" took shape despite facing the untimely loss of core member and collaborator Andrew "Drew Keys" Stoch. The tragedy brought the team closer, infusing each track with the passion and pain of their fallen comrade. The album serves as a testament to resilience, offering a roots reggae healing journey that explores a spectrum of sound, color, and emotion.

Protoje recently concluded a successful European tour with his band, The Indiggnation, covering over 10 cities across France, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, Austria, and Germany. Looking ahead, he is preparing for the next edition of The Lost In Time Festival, scheduled for February 24, 2024, in Kingston, Jamaica. Additionally, Protoje is set to release his first children's book, "Here Comes The Morning," in collaboration with The Bookboys and illustrations by Jonathan Nelson, on November 18th, 2023. The book, dedicated to Protoje’s daughter Yara and inspired by his song of the same name, will kick off with a book signing in Washington D.C. on the same day.


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