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New Wave Block Party 2023: Where Music and Entertainment Collide in Spectacular Fashion

Review: The annual event, making its debut at the Summit Club, delivered electrifying DJ sets, surprise guest performances, and a video shoot featuring Protoje

Jesse Royal, and Ras-I, Delivered a spectacular performance. (Photo: Jamar Cleary)

The annual flagship event 'New Wave Block Party' unfolded against a vibrant and dynamic backdrop on Sunday, October 8, at the newly inaugurated Summit Kingston event venue.

Every component, from the thematic design and booth arrangements to the selection of the venue and the performances, seamlessly converged and were executed with precision.

A surprise guest appearance by Jesse Royal (Photo: Jamar Cleary)

The electrifying synergy of Brush1 Chromatic & Bloodline Franco animated the venue, captivating the audience with their unparalleled crowd interaction and commanding stage presence.

The festivities commenced with sensational performances by emerging talents such as Amanyea & Friday Night Cru, setting the stage for the headlining acts. Tessellated, Ras-I, and an unexpected appearance by Jesse Royal took the spotlight, but the pinnacle of the evening arrived when Protoje invited the audience to participate in the 'Legend' music video shoot.

The climax of the night (Photo: Jamar Cleary)

'New Wave Block Party' delivered an indelible experience, certain to beckon back previous attendees and entice a greater number of revelers to partake in the festivities at its forthcoming installment.


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