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  • Akeeile Harris

Prohgres Aspires to Millionaire Status With Latest Single 'Lee Chin'

Drawing inspiration from millionaires like Lee Chin and Jeff Bezos in a new single, the artist delivers a powerful message. the song is currently trending on Audiomack

Prohgress, finding inspiration in the success stories of millionaires such as Lee Chin and Jeff Bezos

Dancehall artist Prohgres is striving to captivate audiences with his latest single "Lee Chin," which dropped on Friday, March 29, through OneRPM.

The song which was produced by Jungle Jesus, revolves around themes of happiness, manifestation, and celebration. Prohgres expressed his aspirations, stating, "Mi want rich like Lee Chin, mi want rich like Jeff Bezos," which undoubtedly resonates with people worldwide, as financial freedom is a universal desire.

It's accompanied by a music video which is currently out and streaming on his YouTube Vevo while the audio is currently trending at number 3 at Audiomack for best new release song.

Prohgres, (given name Richard Gordon) reveals his current focus on showcasing greater versatility in his work for the year 2024. He elaborates, "I'm also working on a project set to be released sometime in April, which will feature a few interesting collaborations.


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