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Recording artiste Prohgres released "Days Like These"

The St.-Ann's native singer reflects on the difficulties & struggles he has on his musical journey in a new single

Prohgres, goes into deep melodies

Recording artiste Prohgres just released his new track titled ‘Days Like These’ which was produced by DJ Treasure Music, 1Family Records & Real Live Records.

"Days Like These" captures the essence of resilience, hope, and triumph over adversity. Prohgres' smooth delivery and relatable lyrics create a magnetic energy that's impossible to resist.

This track is a true testament to the power of music in lifting spirits and spreading positivity. the St. Ann's native sings about the struggle and fight he got from the naysayers but he knew one day he would make it out of the ghetto to be successful.

Prohgres, whose given name is Richard Gordon, hails from the heart of St. Ann in Jamaica. His music speaks volumes about the human experience and the dreams that drive us all. Known for songs like 'Memory Lane', 'Strength', 'Nothing A Hide' & more.


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