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Producer Chambah offloads his new album titled 'EDM Dancehall Music'

The renowned producer delivered his new project with EDM versions of popular dancehall singles: "I wanted to bridge the gap between EDM and dancehall"

Junior "Chambah" Sevens, invites listeners to embark on a musical journey

Junior "Chambah" Sevens, renowned producer, and founder of Silverbirds Records, has recently released his highly anticipated album, "EDM Dancehall Music." The album, featuring various artists, hit all major streaming platforms, courtesy of ONErpm.

The idea behind "EDM Dancehall Music" was sparked by Junior "Chambah" Sevens' desire to reach a wider audience while bringing awareness to the vibrant dancehall culture. Recognizing the world's affinity for rhythmic beats, he saw the perfect opportunity to infuse EDM music with the infectious vibes of dancehall.

"Having experienced the popularity of EDM and pop music during my visits to upscale restaurants and clubs in South Florida, I wanted to bridge the gap between EDM and dancehall. The fusion of these genres has resulted in an electrifying rhythmic blast that will captivate listeners of all backgrounds," Chambah Explained his inspiration for the album.

The carefully curated track listing for "EDM Dancehall Music" showcases the versatility and talent of both established and emerging artists in the industry. From the energetic "Roll Deep" featuring 10TIK and Leaha to Tommy Lee Sparta's gripping performance in "Grim Rim Rave" and "LA. Style," the album effortlessly blends the distinct sounds of EDM and dancehall.

When asked about the selection process for the tracks, Junior "Chambah" Sevens shared, "As I immersed myself in the world of EDM music, it became evident which artists would perfectly complement these beats. The creative process flowed naturally, and each track on the album is a testament to the harmonious fusion of genres."

"EDM Dancehall Music" invites listeners to embark on a musical journey that is both invigorating and soul-stirring.

Junior "Chambah" Sevens is a highly respected producer and the visionary founder of Silverbirds Records, he is known for co-produced of the single 'Mankind' which was the breakthrough hit song for dancehall artiste, Silk Boss. also worked with many other artistes with the likes of Tommy Lee Sparta, Chronic Law, Stylo G among other.


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