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Producer & Artiste Nah Change Goes Viral with Latest Single 'Lexus'

Entrepreneur and artist Nah Change is making waves with the preview of his new single, "Lexus," which is rapidly gaining traction on social media platforms. Meanwhile, he has recently ventured into the retail business and has exciting plans for Christmas

 Danvoy " Nah Change" Foster

Entrepreneur and artist Nah Change, known for his dynamic presence in the music industry, is going viral storm with his latest single, "Lexus." The track has gained momentum across social media platforms, including TikTok and Instagram, rapidly propelling Nah Change into the spotlight.

Nah Change, whose real name is Danvoy Foster, hails from Spanish Town, Jamaica. He is well-known in the dancehall community, not only as an artist but also as the manager of the dancehall artiste, Fully Bad. However, with "Lexus," Foster is making his own viral waves and carving out a distinct identity in the music scene. "The song is a hit. it deven distrbuted yet, but really catchy. mi just leggo a clip, piece of the video, and it gone viral again same way", Nah Change explained.

In addition to his viral success, Nah Change has exciting collaborations lined up. He will soon be producing songs with dancehall artists such as Tommy Lee Sparta and Iwaata. the Spain Town-based producer has already worked with notable names like Valiant and Javillani.

Beyond his musical endeavors, Foster has recently ventured into the retail business. He proudly announced the opening of his new shoe store, "Nah Change Kicks & Accessories," located in Portmore. "Besides the music, mi just open a shoes store in Portmore," Foster said.

With his latest single "Lexus" gaining traction and his multiple projects in the pipeline, Nah Change continues to make significant strides in both the music and business worlds, leaving an indelible mark on the Jamaican entertainment landscape. Looking ahead, Foster has ambitious plans to host a grand stage show this Christmas.


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