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Popcaan Co-signs Rising Afro Dancehall Sensation Kinjunia

Jamaican Superstar Backs The Ghanaian Artist, Amplifying Global Reach of Afrohall Music

Popcaan alongside Kinjunia

Jamaican dancehall superstar Popcaan has forged strong ties in Africa, particularly in Ghana, amassing a dedicated following over the years. Now, he's leveraging those connections to propel a rising star, local afro dancehall artist Kinjunia, to new heights.

With financial backing from the influential Unruly Boss, Kunjunia's career has seen a significant boost following the success of his singles 'Honey' and 'Dream'. His soulful tunes transcend linguistic boundaries, resonating universally with listeners. Proudly representing Ghana on the global stage, Kunjunia showcases the vibrant tapestry of Afrohall music to audiences worldwide.

His music is gaining traction across the airwaves, from the streets of New York City and Miami to countries like Mexico, Costa Rica, and throughout the Caribbean. In Ghana, Kunjunia is rapidly rising as a local sensation, with over 100K streams on Spotify and regular rotation on local radio stations.

While signed to the Risitic Global label with bases in Ghana and Miami, Kunjunia's association with the Unruly Camp adds an extra layer of credibility to his burgeoning career. He proudly features the hashtag "Unruly" in his social media posts, further cementing his ties to the influential camp.


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