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OVO OG Drops Jamaica Collection Featuring Creep Chromatic

Drawing on a decade-long association between both entities, the selector takes the role of presenting the exclusive collection, slated for release on January 24th

Creep Chromatic showcasing the new collection (Photo: Nicholas Gregg)

In a testament to their enduring commitment to celebrating Jamaica's vibrant culture, the relationship between OVO (October's Very Own) and Chromatic dates back nearly a decade. Rooted in a shared passion for the island's rich musical heritage, the collaboration seamlessly aligns with OVO's ethos.

The latest venture brings Creep from Chromatic Sound into the spotlight, a move that not only makes artistic sense but also deepens the connection between the two entities.

The joint photoshoot stands as a visual tribute to Jamaica, encapsulating the spirit of iconic locales such as Port Royal and Downtown Kingston. Notably, it places a spotlight on OVO's enduring dedication to Jamaican culture, with a particular emphasis on music and Chromatic Sound. The inclusion of Creep from Chromatic Sound in this creative endeavor aligns seamlessly with their shared passion, making it a meaningful and logical choice for both entities.

Embracing a worldwide viewpoint, the International OVO OG Collection draws inspiration from its predecessors dedicated to various countries such as Brazil, Italy, Mexico, the Philippines, and South Africa. The most recent incorporation in the collection directs attention to Jamaica, underscoring the collaboration's steadfast dedication to honoring the distinct cultural fabric of diverse nations.

This collection serves as a testament to the seamless blend of music, fashion, and cultural exploration that characterizes the enduring partnership between OVO and Chromatic. Set to be released on January 24, the collection invites enthusiasts to engage with a harmonious fusion of global influences.


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