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Reggae artiste, Ras-I elated for first set of shows in the Europe

The 'Something Wonderful' singer is set to perform at the renowned Reggae Geel and Ruhr Reggae Summer Festivals, with intentions of infiltrating the European market

Ras-I, on his way to the European stage (Jamar Cleary)

Rising reggae artiste Ras-I is excited to have his first shows on two of the major European stages. The singer (born Immanuel Kerr), is about to embark on a European stint including performances at the renowned Festivals; ‘Reggae Geel’ in Belgium and ‘Ruhr Reggae Summer’ in Germany. "This is a great feeling. I’ve always looked forward to performing for new audiences especially in Europe. It’s only the beginning", he shared with Kaboom Magazine.

When asked to comment on his style of music, he describes it as a strong Reggae orientation with influences from other genres. "My style is like a nice pot of ital stew. Reggae is the base but you will hear splashes of Jazz, R&B, Spanish music and funk". When asked to explain why he thinks he’s already garnering international recognition at this young stage of his career, he added - "My Music is aiming for the world, music that the whole world can relate to. Hence all the different genres blended together".

Such a unique talent (Jamar Cleary)

In recent times, he has received great traction from his single titled 'Something Wonderful', which penetrated the local market. "The reactions were great. It was all organic and that is what I’m most grateful for. It’s still growing as we speak", the 32-years-old singer expressed.

Highlighting his single 'Sky Way' featuring reggae star Jesse Royal, Kerr revealed; "I came up with the concept and Jesse and I basically grew up together so it was easy to work together. Also, I just released my latest single 'Caribbean Queen' so that’s the focus right now. Something for all the women of the Caribbean", he added.

With dreams of collaborating with the legendary Lauryn Hill, Ras-I is a very unique and promising talent in the Reggae space.


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