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Marcia Griffiths and Turbulence sing sweet harmonies on Time Away

The queen of Reggae and the veteran singer teamed up for a new love song. "It's a vision that came to pass," complimented Turbulence

Marcia Griffiths, "turbulence was always one of my favorites" (GD Films)

Marcia Griffiths, the queen of reggae, recently teamed up with Turbulence for the track titled, 'Time Away'. the single was released a week ago and was produced by Donsome Records LLC.

"I have done a lot of collaborations over the years but this one stands out for me. Come on, this is the Queen of Reggae we are talking about and the song is sweet, sexy, and relaxing. It talks about taking a break from work to be together with that special someone and lovers who work hard can easily relate to this song", Turbulence explained.

"The idea for the song came from the producer Adrian 'Donsome' Hanson as he had it written down for me to sing. It is the first time in my career that I never wrote my own song, but for Marcia, I just did it that way", Turbulence shared how the idea for the song came about and also worked with Griffiths. "Working with Marcia it’s like a vision that came to pass. I met her once some time ago and we spoke about making a song together and Jah sent the producer to make it happen. So, to describe the feeling, it’s a great feeling", added the veteran singer.

Griffiths was just as complimentary about collaborating with Turbulence. "I love and respect talent and Turbulence was always one of my favorites. I love his talent and he’s so humble. So, without a doubt, I was ready for this collaboration", said the queen of reggae. "This is a love song with a beautiful message. It happens quite often that couples spend too much time working and forgetting that loved ones need some quality time together", she concluded.


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