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Malie Donn performance interrupted after missiles seen hurled at the artiste

'V6' deejay, Malie Donn performance at Teen Splash seemingly interrupted by multiple bottles hurled at the deejay

Malie Donn (Kyro Smoke)

After a resounding ovation by patrons at the Ocho Rios Teen Splash yesterday when deejay, Malie Donn appeared singing his smash hit, ‘V6’, scores of bottles were seen hurled at the artiste.

The artiste, seemingly unfazed at first, tried to continue his performance but with more missiles being flung in his direction eventually stopped his set. It is unclear who was responsible for the act but Social media has been in a frenzy over the situation since it happened and have since increased speculation of his publicized rift with rising talent, Pablo YG, who is based in the Ocho Rios area.

The rising talent Malie Donn who also grew up on the northwest coast of Jamaica, is now based in Portmore. His viral hit single hits 9.9 million views on Youtube to date. In addition, he is currently promoting the singles 'Zero to 100' and also 'Little Miss Grippy' which was produced by Dj Frass and accompanied by a music video.

Malie Donn perfromance at Teen Splash


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